Wendy Williams Reveals Secret Abortion With Rapper Eric B.’s Baby in Lifetime Biopic

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead Wendy Williams: The Movie.]

Wendy Williams is telling the good and bad of her personal and professional life in her upcoming Lifetime biopic. The talk show host touches on her romantic relationships, including a year fling with rapper Eric B. She reveals the heartbreaking decision to terminate a pregnancy amid her split from Eric B. 

Wendy Williams
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Wendy Williams dated Eric B. for a year beginning in 1991; Williams says he was unfaithful

Williams met the rapper while her career as a radio host was beginning to take off. Her Lifetime biopic is not the first time she spoke publicly of her relationship with Eric B. She detailed some of their issues during her radio show in 1999. Madame Noire reports on the official transcript from Williams speaking of the rapper and Williams admits he was not faithful during their time together.

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“Although we used to have good times together and go out on some great dates and stuff, a lot of his visits to my apartment would be like after two o’clock in the morning,” she said. “But I would accept it because rappers in the studio. But I also know they use that a lot in terms of cheating.”

Williams says despite Eric B.’s superstar status at the time, it was her who foot the bill for everything during their relationship. She now realizes she was being used.

“He used to jet to Atlantic City and go to Vegas and most of the time it was me paying for it, believe it or not,” she said. 

She later learned that Eric B. had a girlfriend at the time. At the time, Williams said she didn’t realize that she was a “side chick.”

Wendy Williams discovers she’s pregnant amid breakup with Eric B. and terminates the pregnancy

In her Lifetime biopic, Williams’ relationship with Eric B. is explored. Much of their relationship centered around sex, which she says he demanded and without protection. She spoke of their intimate life on her radio show in 1999 as well.

“The most vile thing is that he never used condoms and I accepted that…I was always forced to go down town,” she alleged. “And he would never go down town not even once. And not only that, it would be happening at 3’o clock in the morning after a beeper call.”

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Not using protection would come back to haunt Williams in an unimaginable way. In the film, Williams breaks things off with Eric B. after he ruins her credit when she allowed him to use it for a purchase. 

Despite breaking things off, Williams discovers she’s pregnant. The film shoots to her sitting in a clinic. Williams says she did not tell anyone of the pregnancy, not even Eric B. She also reveals she went to have the procedure done to terminate the pregnancy alone.

Williams later was remorseful about terminating the pregnancy as she had a desire to become a mother later in life when she married her now ex-husband, Kevin Hunter. Williams suffered two miscarriages, both during the fifth month. The second pregnancy resulted in her actually giving birth to a baby girl who turned out to be stillborn.

Thankfully, she became pregnant again with her son, Kevin Jr., who was born in 2000. He’s her only living child whom she considers to be her biggest blessing.

Wendy Williams: The Movie airs on Lifetime on Jan. 30 at 8 pm EST, followed by a riveting documentary.