Wendy Williams Reveals the Revenge She Got on Her Ex-Husband After Finding Out He Was Cheating

Most people know Wendy Williams as the strong, tell-it-like-it-is host of The Wendy Williams Show. On the show, Williams takes no prisoners. She shades whoever she wants, says whatever she wants, and is the queen of her own court. But in 2019, Williams began showing a more vulnerable side of herself after it was revealed that her husband-at-the-time Kevin Hunter had been cheating on her. Now, she has revealed the revenge she got on him.

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams | Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams’ relationship

Hunter and Williams were together for over two decades. When they first met in 1994 at a skating rink, he was just a salon owner. The pair dated for three years before getting married. In 2000, Williams and Hunter welcomed their son Kevin Jr. into the world. Before their divorce, Hunter worked as Williams’ manager and helped start The Wendy Williams Show.

Rumors of Hunter’s infidelity had been going on for the majority of their relationship before they divorced. In 2013, Williams even told VLAD TV about a time she caught Hunter cheating.

“I had already had the baby,” she told the outlet according to People “When you deliver a baby the mother doesn’t get much sleep anyways. Little Kev might have been one month old…and I wasn’t back to work yet.”

She recalled overhearing Hunter on the phone and going to invesitage the situation.

“I overheard some greasy talk from the next room,” she continued. “‘Well who is he talking to?’ I tipped and I crept and I heard what I heard. I was like ‘Wow okay, so this is how it’s going down.’”

Throughout his infidelity and the constant rumors surrounding Hunter, Williams continued to defend him up until almost the very end.

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Wendy Williams’ divorce

After learning that her husband had possibly had a child with his longtime rumored mistress, Sharina Hudson, Williams ended the relationship. She filed for divorce from Hunter in April of 2019. When the news broke, Williams checked herself into a sober facility.

“I was concerned based on what was going on around me,” she told  The New York Times. “I’d done my detective work. I knew what was about to happen, and I was like, Let me go someplace where you’re not allowed to have the whole bottle of wine.”

How did Wendy Williams get revenge?

Before Hunter allegedly fathered a child with Hudson, he bought her a home less than 10 miles from where Williams lived. When the talk show host found out, she drove by to see it.

“I was cupping my eyes in every window,” she said in her Lifetime documentary, What A Mess. “I pulled out my spray paint and I spray-painted ‘Kevin and Wendy Forever.’ And to this day, it still is forever. Doesn’t mean I love you, not like that. Love don’t live here anymore. And I had my Gorilla Glue, which is fabulous, and I glued the mailbox closed…and I spray-painted pink all over it. I’m just crying and having a good old time in my own head, saying, ‘Alright, Wendy, you’ve always been strong. Girl, this is your time. You’ve got to get this mess together.’”

Since filing for divorce, Williams has been dating but is still currently looking for love.