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Wendy Williams shared how her two cats, Chit Chat and MYWAY, inspired her another one of her many hobbies.

According to Buzzfeed, Williams’ love for cats is something she wants to illustrate as a book one day. She said the idea came to her during quarantine. After spending countless hours watching television shows like Martin and Living Single during her time off, Williams said she’s now grown tired of watching television.

Wendy Williams speaking at Vulture Festival
Wendy Williams| Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Vulture Festival

The author, who has written several books in the past, said she’s also bored with the current book options and would like to do something outside of the box. Williams said her book would discuss the various things she’s been able to teach her cats while they’ve been at home together. 

“I’ve always liked animals, and I’ve been stuck in the house,” Williams explained. “They [her cats] look at me like, ‘We love you, Mom, but could you leave? We thought you had a job. We see you on TV. You leave the TV on. We see you when you’re there. Why aren’t you leaving?’ Yeah, it’s a whole thing. I’ve taught them certain things, like now what the word ‘no’ means. They also know their names individually. They know how to come together as the two of them and also come together as the three of us but also separate. We separate — different parts of our home. That’s the way it is.”

Williams welcomed her cats into her home last year

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Following her tumultuous divorce from her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, Williams moved into an apartment in New York City. Her son, Kevin, Jr., was away at college and Williams found herself wanting companionship. She decided to take in Chit Chat and MYWAY, who were rescue cats that were found with their six other brothers and sisters. Because she specifically wanted her cats to be sisters, the talk show host scooped them up right away. Williams often shows off her kittens on social media, and said they’ve been a joy in her life since she welcomed them home. 

“Chit Chat and MYWAY — one word — have been my absolute companions,” she explained. “I’ve had them for about a year and a half, and they are sisters from the same mother.”

Williams doesn’t want to be referred to as a ‘cat lady’

Although she shared that she spends the majority of her free time with her cats, Williams doesn’t define herself as a “cat lady.” In fact, she said she finds the term offensive when it’s used to describe single women. She shared that there’s a distinction between women with cats and “cat ladies,” and it involves having other hobbies outside of relaxing next to her pets. 

“I come home and spend time with my cats, [but] I’m not a cat lady,” she said. “I happen to have two cats, but I resent when people think of women who have cats as cat ladies. Some are, but some aren’t. I’ve got a whole life going on.”

Wendy Williams has written seven books, including an autobiography

According to the Daily News, Williams began her role as an author in 2001. Her first book, Wendy’s Got the Heat, was published that year and detailed her rise as a radio disc jockey. Williams also opened up about her past drug abuse and other personal details in the book. Since then, she’s written an advice book, Ask Wendy, and a fiction novel, Drama is my Middle Name


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After separating from Hunter in 2019, rumors began to spread that Williams would be writing a book detailing the couple’s relationship. Although she hasn’t confirmed the tell-all, Williams is working on a film about her life. The movie, which will air on Lifetime, will depict her professional and personal life and will star The Oval actress Ciera Payton as Williams.