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Wendy Williams has always been known to tell it like it is, even when it comes to the most personal details of her health and well-being. After a hiatus from filming The Wendy Williams Show at home, the talk show diva has returned to the studio (without an audience). After resting up, Williams is ready to be out and about.

Since her divorce was finalized last year, Williams has not been shy about getting back on the dating scene. She’s also been adamant about looking her best. She’s even given her fans hints at her prospective suitors and her dates.

Now, during the Season 12 premiere of her show, Williams revealed that she had lost 25 pounds since quarantine by accident. She even chronicled exactly how she did it.

Wendy Williams has had some health scares

Williams has had a tumultuous few years. Despite the massive success of her long-running talk show, the former radio host’s marriage broke down. Following news that the New Jersey native’s husband of 22-years, Kevin Hunter, was living a double life, Williams filed for divorce.

Unfortunately, this stress led to an on-air fainting episode stemming from complications from Williams’ autoimmune disorder, Graves’ diseases. Thankfully, Williams took the time to take a much-needed hiatus from her work on the show.

Though she’d been doing The Wendy Williams Show from home, she decided to take some rest amid quarantine to prepare her for a triumphant in-studio return.

Inside Wendy Williams’ diet and fitness routine

Williams has been very candid about her past addiction to drugs and alcohol as well as difficultes with her weight. In 2017, she explained that she was able to lose 50 pounds prior to her 50th birthday by eliminating fatty foods from her diet. Her new diet staples are lentil soup, meatless breakfast sandwiches, kale, avocado, and cauliflower.

The 56-year-old also explained that she adores pilates as a way to keep herself healthy and in shape. However, not everyone cosigns with Williams’ health tips. In Jan. 2020, she told celebrity trainer, Jillian Michaels, that she sometimes partakes in water fasts. Michaels was horrified. She suggested,

But see, I’d rather you not be like, ‘I eat what I want.’ I’d rather you just keep it kinda balanced all week.

Here’s Why Wendy Williams Never Wears Heels on Her Show

Wendy Williams lost 25 pounds in quarantine

It looks like Williams does what works best for her. Amid the return of The Wendy Williams Show, she explained that she lost 25 pounds while in quarantine. On the 12th season premiere of the series, she revealed that she got exhausted from cooking all the time at home. She explained,

I’ve lost 25 pounds! Look, and I didn’t do it on purpose it’s just that food became disgusting to me. Then I got my colonoscopy. TMI? OK, look, TMI, maybe. But take care of your health. I got my colonoscopy over quarantine and she asked me to get on a scale before they put me under … and she told me the weight and I was like, ‘I haven’t weighed this little since high school.’

We’re glad Williams is doing well.