What Are Prince William and Kate Middleton Really Like? Rare Insight Into Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Personality

Prince William and Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge are widely considered to be the future of the royal family. Prince William is set to be the king, after his father, Prince Charles, assumes the throne, and will rule England with Kate at his side.

From birth, Princess Diana’s eldest son has been preparing for the role of monarch, working hard for his country and the people who count on him and his family. With such heavy responsibility, many could expect that Prince William is a stuffy, overbearing man. However, according to a royal photographer, who has enjoyed intimate access to Prince William and Kate, the royal couple is anything but. 

Kate Middleton and Prince William are among the most popular royals

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While royal family members like Prince Harry might experience drastic dips in popularity over the years, Prince William and Kate have consistently remained at the top of the list for “most popular royals” year after year. The numbers don’t lie — the public loves the future king and his wife, and over the years, they have only become more beloved. 

Kate joined the royal family in 2011 when she and Prince William tied the knot. However, she had been in the public eye since the early 2000s, ever since she and Prince William started dating.

As for Prince William, he grew up in the spotlight, and as the eldest son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, he has enjoyed a level of popularity that few other public figures ever have. Now that the couple has three small children, they are more relatable than ever and don’t mind 

Kate Middleton is reportedly ‘fun’ behind the scenes

Kate Middleton visits Teagasc Research Farm on day two of their Royal tour of Ireland
Kate Middleton | Karwai Tang/WireImage

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Many royal women have suffered from the bad press over the years, or stories that have portrayed them as stuck-up, unkind, or entitled. However, Kate has never really had a problem with the public or the press. Although she has earned a reputation as being eternally calm, cool, and dignified at all times, many reports claim that Kate is actually a lot of fun when she’s off-duty. 

Whether she’s playing in the grass with her children or competing against Prince William in a friendly ballgame, Kate always seems to be having a great time and tends to have a genuine smile on her face. As for Prince William, although he is often known as the “less fun” brother, most reports reveal that far from being boring, he’s just a bit more reserved than his younger brother, Prince Harry.

Of course, there’s a reason why Prince William has had to keep his emotions in check — he has a great deal more responsibility than Prince Harry. 

A royal photographer spoke out about Kate Middleton and Prince William

Recently, a photographer who has taken many pictures of Prince William and Kate over the years opened up about how the royal couple is when they aren’t on duty. He admitted that the couple has gotten to be very comfortable around him, and let their guard down on the regular.

“They tend to be a bit more jokey,” the photographer revealed. “They’re just a lot more relaxed, so I think that’s where I get a lot of my best pictures and you can see a bit more of their personality come out.”

Although Prince William and Kate usually save their jokester sides for private occasions, it is good to know that the couple does open up to other people, including royal insiders whom they have grown to know and trust.