What Betty White Dislikes About the Entertainment Industry

Golden Girls star Betty White enjoys being an actor, but she doesn’t love everything about the entertainment industry. There are some aspects of the business she would rather do without. White revealed the one thing she doesn’t enjoy about being an entertainer.

Betty White has trouble turning down roles

Betty White
Betty White |Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

In her book If You Ask Me, White discusses her love of acting. She says she enjoys her job so much that she has difficulty turning down roles. “Sixty-three years in this business and I still find it difficult to refuse a job offer,” wrote White.

“That could be a hangover from the early days when jobs were hard to come by and I always thought each one might be my last. I do manage to utter the ‘NO’ word if the schedule is on overload or if the script doesn’t appeal to me—the latter being the real issue.”

What Betty White doesn’t like about the entertainment industry

One thing White doesn’t like about the entertainment industry is having to walk the red carpet. Many stars love their moment in the spotlight, but White says she doesn’t care for the red-carpet walk. “Don’t get me wrong,” wrote White. “When I’m at home watching television, I love seeing who’s there and what they’re wearing. But when you’re the walkee, it can be an absolute nightmare.”

According to White, the red carpet isn’t as glamorous as it looks. “In real life, you step out of the car and immediately you’re struck blind and deaf as you’re greeted by a line of photographers armed with flash cameras and microphone-wielding television reporters, three deep, all shouting at you.”

Betty White says she would rather get a root canal than walk the red carpet

White hates walking on the red carpet so much that she says she would rather get a root canal. On the other hand, she says walking the red carpet is a part of the job she had to get used to. White realizes this is an important part of getting the word out about projects she is working on.

 “You can’t really hear what they’re saying, given all the noise, so you just keep talking and hope you’re making some kind of sense,” wrote White. “It’s all seat-of-the-pants. You can’t resent it—it’s a necessary evil to promote a project. It’s a hazard one just has to get over. It’s not my favorite part of the job. I would rather go to the dentist for a root canal.”

Betty White tries to be polite

Having lights and microphones in your face doesn’t sound pleasant. However, White says she tries to be polite to the photographers and reporters because she knows they’re just trying to earn a living.

“The lights are glaring, and the noise is horrendous, but you try to be as polite as possible because these aren’t villains, they’re just people trying to do their jobs.”

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