What Cher Did When The Rolling Stones Were Mobbed by Fans

Sonny & Cher were successful in both the music and television industries. They started out with nothing but achieved wealth and fame. They interacted with and met many other celebrities. Let’s take a nostalgic look back – to when Sonny & Cher met the iconic band, The Rolling Stones, and what happened to Cher when she tried to help a Stones fan.

The Rolling Stones | Central Press/Getty Images

Sonny & Cher meet The Rolling Stones

Firstly, a little background. The Rolling Stones first came to the United States in 1964. In her book The First Time, Cher states she was eighteen when she met the members of the band. Sonny took Cher to the Hilton Hotel and “suddenly all five of them came running into the lobby… they stopped short when they saw me.  I was the first girl they’d seen in the U.S. who looked like the girls back in England.” Cher relays that The Stones were not happy staying at the Hilton. Mick Jagger asked if they could stay with Sonny & Cher instead – but they did not end up doing so. The Stones then asked Sonny & Cher to join them on their tour.

Cher gives her impression of The Rolling Stones, “They were funny guys, great to hang out with, and Son and I stayed with them for a couple of days. Mick was definitely a star, you couldn’t help but see that. Brian Jones was beautiful, like a little angel; those two were the most talkative and outgoing. Charlie Watts was more settled but I liked him a lot. Bill Wyman always looked older than the other boys but he had a quiet charm and was a sweetheart. All I remember about Keith at the time was that he actually looked healthy.”

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

When Cher helped a fan get an autograph from The Rolling Stones

After The Stones finished a performance on the tour, they, along with Sonny & Cher, made their way back to their bus. Suddenly, a crowd of girls swarmed. One of the girls began crying and holding a piece of paper to the window in the hope of getting an autograph. Cher was sitting by that window and felt sad seeing the fan cry. She took the piece of paper from the fan and gave it to Jagger to sign. Then, Cher put her arm out the window to hand the autograph to the fan.

As Cher stuck her arm out, she was grabbed and was being pulled out of the bus. Then she was pulled back inside by “the boys.” Once safely back in, Cher realized that a new amethyst ring her mother had given her for her birthday had been damaged. “Those girls had ripped the stone from its setting. I was really pissed, and of course all the boys laughed.”

“I Got You Babe”

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When The Rolling Stones Lip Synced Sonny & Cher

The antics of The Rolling Stones and Sonny & Cher did not end with the autograph episode. Dangerous Minds reports in 1965, when The Rolling Stones were hosting the TV show “Ready Steady Go!,” they lip synced to the Sonny & Cher hit, “I Got You Babe.”  It was quite the performance – the meeting and hanging out together of Sonny & Cher and The Rolling Stones led to some very interesting anecdotes.