What Day Do New Episodes of ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 Drop to HBO?

After three jaw-dropping new episodes of FBoy Island Season 2 on HBO, viewers want to know when to expect more of the reality TV series. Luckily, it’s not a long wait to see more Mia Emani Jones, Louise Barnard, and Tamaris Sepulveda looking for love. In the meantime, Nikki Glaser hosts an HBO comedy special. Find out when to check HBO for more new episodes of FBoy Island Season 2

‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 drops on HBO every Thursday

Fboy Island Season 2 will be 10 episodes, the same as season 1. The first three episodes of the ten-episode season drop to HBO Max on July 14, 2022. Three additional episodes drop on July 21. Then two episodes hit the streaming giant on July 28, and the final two episodes on August 4. 

‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 complete episode guide

“Do You Like Cats?” Episode 1 — July 14, 2022

“6’3 Down Under,” Episode 2 — July 14, 2022

“You’re Goofy,” Episode 3 — July 14, 2022

“I Did Not Say That,” Episode 4 — July 21, 2022

“I Heard You Were A Snake,” Episode 5 — July 21, 2022

“I Was A Piece of Sh*t,” Episode 6 — July 21, 2022

“Kiss That Yogurt,” Episode 7 — July 28, 2022

“Tom’s Journal,” Episode 8 — July 28, 2022

“Man Cision,” Episode 9 — August 4, 2022

“The Men Have No Idea,” Episode 10 — August 4, 2022

'FBoy Island' Season 2 cast posing for a photo
‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 cast of men | HBO Max

How can you watch ‘FBOY Island’ Season 2?

The HBO Max original series FBOY Island Season 2 episodes become available for streaming at 12 a.m. PST and 3 a.m. EST on July 14, 2022. HBO Max is available to nearly all HBO subscribers in their current plan. Users must download the HBO Max app to their device to begin watching. Use your existing HBO login to start streaming. Sorry Netflix subscribers, FBOY Island Season 2 is exclusive to HBO.

Is ‘FBoy Island’ real?

'FBoy Island' cast Louise Barnard, Mia Emani Jones, Tamaris Sepulveda with host Nikki Glaser
‘FBoy Island’ Season 2: Louise Barnard, Mia Emani Jones, Tamaris Sepulveda, and Nikki Glaser | HBO Max

‘FBoy Island’s’ Nakia Renee and OG Jared Officially Call It Quits

FBoy Island is unscripted, although the producers might add things for dramatic flair. 

“Obviously it’s a reality show, they’re going to make some things seem more dramatic than they actually are,” Sarah Emig from season 1 told E! News. “For example, I knew Garrett was an FBoy from the start…This was about me exploring my more fun side and my more spontaneous side and leaning into that.” 

She added that compared to “over-produced” reality TV dating shows, Sarah felt that FBoy Island was “completely unscripted.” It felt similar to real life in the range of men you might meet.

“You’ll get some FBoys, you’ll get some nice guys, and you have to figure out who is who, so I think it was a really interesting take on the modern dating scene.”

Where was ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 filmed? 

FBoy Island Season 2 was filmed in a new location; Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. The 26 men and three women spent two months filming at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. It’s a resort town with gorgeous coastlines and spectacular granite rock formations. The city is also well-known as a premier golf destination and world-class big game sport fishing competitions.