What Does Dolly Parton Smell Like?

Dolly Parton is one of the biggest stars in the music business, a woman who has been singing professionally since she was a small child. Parton is closely associated with Tennessee arts and culture, but in the decades since she first became popular, she has been embraced by people and cultures from all over the world.

These days, Parton is known as much more than just a singer — but as an actress, entrepreneur, and lifestyle guru as well. People want to be like Parton in their own special way, and those who want to capture her unique scent can do so by purchasing her signature fragrance, which was only recently made available. 

Dolly Parton has grown to become a cultural icon and businesswoman

Dolly Parton Performs At The Dominion Theatre in London. She's playing the guitar and singing into a microphone.
Dolly Parton performs on stage at The Dominion Theatre on March 29th, 1983 in London, United Kingdom | Pete Still/Redferns

Born in 1946, Parton was raised in a poor family, but always had ambitions of success. Parton’s talent spoke for itself, and by the time she was 10 years old, she was performing on local radio stations and in stage shows.

As a teenager, Parton moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where she pursued her music career with fierce determination. By the late ’60s, Parton had made a name for herself in country music, and her success continued well into the ’70s and beyond.

Parton is not only an award-winning music star but an actress as well, who has appeared in several hit movies, including 9 to 5. Parton is a successful entrepreneur, who operates her very own theme park. She has also written several bestselling books and has launched multiple product lines — most recently being the highly-anticipated release of her signature fragrance. 

What does Dolly Parton’s signature scent smell like?

In July 2021, Parton launched an exciting new product — her very own perfume, dubbed “Scent From Above.” The perfume, which is available on HSN and through Parton’s own website, is described in a press release as featuring “fruited notes as bright as rhinestones dance and float above irresistible florals, like butterflies in a garden. The earthen scents of southern fir and musk rise up to join them, in a sweet, singular harmony. The fragrance is floral, fruity, casual and feminine.” 

The top notes in “Scent From Above” include vanilla orchid, sandalwood, Tonka bean, amber, patchouli, and mandarin. The bottle even features a touch of Parton’s personal style, with her signature butterfly included in the topper. For fans who love Parton, the fragrance is the perfect gift item. 

Why did Dolly Parton release a fragrance?


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Parton has long desired to release her own fragrance. In an interview around the time of the perfume’s release, Parton revealed that “having my own perfume has always been a dream of mine. For as long as I can remember, people have commented on my scent, ‘what are you wearing?’ ‘What is that fantastic smell?’ and ‘where can I get it?’ Are all questions I have heard daily for more years than I can remember.”

The Nashville-based singer went on to say that “the truth is, I have been blending my own scent for years. It’s a combination of bath oils, powders, and perfumes that have become my signature, and it’s known everywhere I go. It’s time for me to share this with you. I hope you enjoy!” Parton also acknowledged that at some point, she would like to expand her fragrance line to include a cologne just for men, as well as other products like lotions, wigs, makeup, and much more. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for all the latest entertainment news!