What Happened to Sarah Roemer From ‘Disturbia’ and ‘Fired Up!’?

Sarah Roemer isn’t the biggest name in the entertainment industry, but she did star in a couple of movies that received critical acclaim in the late 2000s. In addition to some time in the spotlight, Roemer’s presence in the industry did put her in a position to meet her husband, Chad Michael Murray.

Their union did stir up some controversy, as one of Murray’s exes said some harsh things about the former One Tree Hill star. But Roemer and Murray got past this moment and seem very happy together. 

Sarah Roemer was a rising star in the early 2000s

Roemer’s entry into showbiz was a case of pure happenstance. In 2007, she told News Corp Australia:

“When I was 15, before school in the morning, I was at a 7-11 drinking coffee and the owner of my modeling agency came up to me. And that’s how that happened. And then I was in LA two years ago modeling and I was at a coffee shop and my manager came up to me and that’s how I started acting.”

Roemer goes on to say it wasn’t the first time this happened to her. But she went along with it on that occasion because it was a woman scouting her. The young adult left her hometown of San Diego for Los Angeles and went on to model for publications like GQ, Cosmopolitan, and Interview. 

Roemer made her acting debut in 2006 in the cult favorite indie movie Wristcutters: A Love Story. But her big break came a year later as Shia LaBeouf’s love interest in Disturbia. The movie was a hit with both critics and audiences, making over $118 million on a $20 million budget. Roemer and LaBeouf were nominated for the infamous award of Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards. However, LaBeouf went on to develop better chemistry with a future costar. 

Despite being a lead in a successful movie, Roemer’s career quickly went down the tubes. She starred in straight-to-DVD movies and fulfilled small roles in long-forgotten studio fare. However, she still got plenty out of the deal. During her one-season stint on the Crackle show Chosen, she began dating the man she would go on to marry. 

Sarah Roemer’s personal life became more dramatic than her later roles

Sarah Roemer and her husband Chad Michael Murray arrive at the premiere of "Outlaws and Angels" in 2016
Actors and married couple Sarah Roemer (L) and her husband Chad Michael Murray in 2016 | Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Murray’s first marriage was to his One Tree Hill costar Sophia Bush. But they separated just a few months after the wedding. Later, Bush admitted during an interview with Andy Cohen that she never wanted to marry him in the first place. 

“Because how do you let everybody down?” Bush said, according to E! Online. “And how do you — what’s the fight and when you have bosses telling you that you’re the only person who gets a person to work on time and 200 people either get to see their kids at night or they don’t because our days start on time.”

Bush tried to walk back the comments afterward, but the damage was done. Murray called Bush’s claims “ludicrous” and asserted that he moved on years ago. 

For her part, Roemer posted a now-deleted meme on her Instagram account that read, “Wait a second … my producers also made me marry Chad Michael Murray!” with the hashtags “#13yearslater” and “#iwishpeaceandloveforall.”

Roemer’s priorities have shifted away from acting

The 37-year-old rarely acts anymore. In 2021, Roemer’s one role was in the little-seen thriller Survive the Game. (Murray is one of the leads in the film alongside former A-lister Bruce Willis). But she presents on social media as someone who is happy with her current position in life.

She and Murray tied the knot in 2015. They are parents of two children, a son born in 2015 and a daughter born in 2017.

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