‘What If…’: 3 Stories We Want to See But Won’t

So far, Marvel’s What If…? has been a fun exploration of different versions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that might have been. When it comes to potential storylines, the possibilities here really are endless. But of course, not all of the twists and turns we want to see will make it into the show. Here are three stories we’d enjoy seeing but aren’t likely to happen.

The introduction of Gwenpool

Marvel's 'What If...?' team on stage
Bryan Andrews, A.C. Bradley, Kevin Feige, and Hayley Atwell on stage for a ‘What If…?’ event at Disney’s D23 Expo, 2019 | Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Gwenpool is a character who is transported from the “real world” — the world of the audience — to the Marvel comics universe. She has way too much fun using her knowledge of the people she encounters, which she gained by reading their comics, to wreak all kinds of havoc.

Now that Loki has blown the multiverse wide open, it’s not too difficult to imagine an alternate universe in which the inhabitants of the MCU are nothing more than fictional characters. Gwenpool works with MODOK for a while but later tries to be better. She has something of a dubious moral compass, so if you’re a fan of chaotic neutrals, you’ll love her comics.

Hela as Angela

In the MCU, Hela is Thor and Loki’s long-lost sister. But that’s not the case in the comics. There, she is allegedly Loki’s daughter. However, it ultimately seems that she’s not his biological daughter, he just magically brings her into existence. It’s a little murky. We are talking about comic books, after all.

But Thor and Loki do have a long-lost sister in the comics. Her name is Angela, and she’s fantastic. In fact, she defeats Hela and takes her place as Queen of Hel. While their reunion in Original Sin is certainly rocky, they eventually reach a truce and Angela leaves to explore other realms with her love, Sera. Additionally, Sera is the only transgender woman to join the Marvel comics universe as a superhero.

Since Hela is the sister in the MCU, we’d love to see her follow Angela’s path make amends with her family to some degree. And it would be amazing to get to watch her travel around space with Sera.

The debut of Miles Morales


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Fans of Miles Morales loved watching his adventures in Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. Unfortunately for some, it is a Sony film and is therefore not part of the MCU. The character has yet to debut in the MCU, but fans are eagerly awaiting his arrival.

There has been speculation that he might appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home. But of course, there has been speculation that everyone under the sun will appear in that movie. If he does show up there, fans are sure to be thrilled.

It would be fairly simple to introduce Miles in What If…? as he’s from an alternate universe, already. Given the current state of the MCU’s multiverse, it wouldn’t be difficult to find a way for him to cross over. He’s a compelling character and many fans feel the time for him to appear on screen has come.

What If…? streams on Disney+ with new episodes on Wednesdays.