What Is Ahsoka’s Age? Here’s a Look at Her Ages Throughout Her ‘Star Wars’ Appearances

It’s hard to deny Ahsoka Tano’s contribution to Star Wars because she’s given so much to the franchise. She’s one of the only characters to appear in such a long period of time; Ahsoka started in The Clone Wars as a teenager and then comes back later on in Star Wars Rebels as a woman. This allows her to be one of the most developed characters, and partly why fans love her so much. She just has so many stories to tell. But with that long lifespan in the franchise, it can become confusing where in her life we’re at. So here’s a handy look at Ahsoka’s ages at different moments in Star Wars

Ahsoka with her lightsabers in 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Season 7, Episode 10
Ahsoka with her lightsabers in ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Season 7, Episode 10 | Disney+

‘The Clone Wars’ starts off with Ahsoka as a 14-year-old Padawan

Anakin Skywalker was just minding his business in 19 BBY, living in the glory that comes with being one of the best Jedi at the time. He told Obi-Wan Kenobi that a Padawan would just slow him down; the Chosen One didn’t have the time or patience to teach and nurture a youngling in the ways of the Force. 

But, the joke was on him, because Master Yoda assigned 14-year-old Ahsoka Tano to Anakin. Even though Obi-Wan said he requested a Padawan, Yoda specifically gave Ahsoka’s teachings to Anakin. He, of course, was unhappy because of the aforementioned reasons. Plus, when the young Togruta came on the scene, she was snippy, immature, and pretty trigger happy. Basically, exactly how Anakin was as a cocky teenager, which fans saw in Attack of the Clones

But that’s the whole reason why George Lucas wanted to give Anakin a Padawan in the first place. He wanted a way to take Anakin from that immature Padawan he was in Episode II to the seasoned Jedi he became by Episode III. And as fans know, that’s exactly what happened and Ahsoka became one of the most essential people in Anakin’s life, like a little sister. He is only five years older than her, after all. So imagine a 19-year-old in charge of a 14-year old; chaotic, indeed. 

The war lasts a few years, and by Season 7, Ahsoka is 17

Just like we see Anakin grow up between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, we see that over the course of seven seasons with Ahsoka. In the middle of Season 3, when she’s roughly 15, her character got a makeover. The new outfit and double lightsabers made her look a bit more mature, which was the point.

At the end, when Ahsoka comes back to Anakin with the mission on Mandalore in Season 7, and when she fights former Sith Lord Maul, she’s 17. She’s not only physically older but her choice to leave the Jedi Order in Season 5 (which happens in the same year as Season 7 and Revenge of the Sith) shows how much she’s grown. She’s her own person, and the individual choice to step away from something that wasn’t really a part of her ideals anymore was a big, bold move.

Then in the Ahsoka novel, she’s around 18, and this is when she becomes a Rebel Alliance spy with the codename Fulcrum.

When we see her again in ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ Ahsoka is 32

The next time fans see Ahsoka is in the Season 1 finale of Star Wars Rebels and she has a bigger role in the second season. It’s been 15 years since Revenge of the Sith and Ahsoka is now 32. She’s been working for the rebels for over 30 years, which includes working closely with Bail Organa. 

She is the most mature here, which is to be expected. She is so wise, like how a Jedi master would be, if she were a Jedi. Even though she isn’t, she still teaches Ezra things and gives very sage advice to Kanan too. She never oversteps in the ways of the Force, though, since she isn’t a Jedi. But that experience is definitely there, guiding Ahsoka and everyone she meets.  

This also means she’s 41 in the Epilogue of Star Wars Rebels, which is five years after the finale, after Return of the Jedi. Even though Ahsoka is lost after Season 2, Ezra saves her in Season 4 and she goes on to live her life until Sabine sets off to go searching for Ezra. 

Then, lastly, Ahsoka is roughly 72 years old when her voice is heard in The Rise of Skywalker. That is, if she’s still alive. All of the other Jedi who talked to Rey in that Force vision was dead, and one with the Force. However, Dave Filoni shared a drawing that made a lot of insinuation that Ahsoka isn’t dead when she speaks to Rey. 

Who knows what Ahsoka’s future holds, but needless to say she’ll be around a bit longer if the fans (and Filoni) have anything to do with it.