What is David Dobrik’s Net Worth and Is He Married?

David Dobrik is a YouTube star extraordinaire, with fourteen million subscribers at this writing, and counting. That is a YouTuber’s absolute dream come true.

YouTube Vlogger David Dobrik
YouTube Vlogger David Dobrik / Michael Tran/FilmMagic

With a rabid fanbase that eagerly anticipates his every post, Dobrik’s vlog features a regular cast, known as the ‘Vlog Squad’ that have helped his content become something of a sitcom within a vlog.

This talented vlogger is definitely going places. For now, here’s what we know about his net worth and whether he has yet tied the knot.

Dobrik’s early life

David Dobrik was born on July 23, 1996, in Košice, Slovakia. When Dobrik was six years of age, his family migrated to Vernon Hills, Illinois.

After he dropped out of high school, he moved to Los Angeles to boost his career making Vines, which were six-second-long looping videos beloved by millions.

He faced the scary possibility of deportation in 2017, even vlogging about it. He was not born in the United States and had not applied for naturalization.

The YouTube star was at one point safe to stay in the United States because of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) federal program. However, after President Trump terminated the program, his future became unclear.

How his YouTube empire came to be

After moving to Los Angeles, life was a struggle. He moved to LA with three friends and they struggled to survive in the beginning.

He found a way to pay bills by continuing to post Vine videos.

Once Vine went away, the entrepreneur hopped on to YouTube, creating goofy, fun, and most definitely funny videos. He has never looked back.

Dobrik told Forbes, “I met Liza Koshy around that time and she was filming a vlog and I really liked that it was a small camera and you could just record your whole day. That was so cool! I filmed my first vlog and I think it worked because I wasn’t trying to make it work. I was just doing it for my own enjoyment.”

“If you’re in it for the money, there is no way you will ever make it! Never. That’s not going to get you there at all. I just made fun video with my friends. That’s the key,” Dobrik continued. “Actually that’s not the key. Don’t watch this and take tips from me. Just go do you. If people see that you’re passionate about what you’re creating, they’re going to enjoy it.”

His net worth

Dobrik has been acknowledged greatly for his work. He’s won Shorty and Streamy Awards and recently even won the prestigious Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for Social Star.

Tana Paul learns to drive in David Dobrik’s Tesla

David Dobrik’s net worth is approximately $7 million. This is thanks, in great part, to the sales of his merchandise, which is mostly hoodies, sweats, and ballcaps with phrases on the items, including “Clickbait” and “Oh, It’s On!”

He lives in a $2.5 million home and drives among many other cars, a Tesla.

Is he married?

The 23-year-old married his friend’s 75-year-old mother, only to prove to the same friend that someone would, indeed, marry him if he asked.

They divorced within a month.

Just another day in Dobrik’s world!

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