What Is Jason Derulo’s Real Name?

To fans, Jason Derulo is one of the biggest pop stars of the decade. Since 2009, Derulo has been cranking out hit after hit, and his songs “Whatcha Say” and “Talk Dirty” have become dance hall staples, providing the backdrop to many college parties.

These days, Derulo remains active in the music industry and has been connecting with his many fans through funny videos on TikTok. Derulo has made his life an open book — however, some of his biggest fans might not even be aware of one of the most interesting facts about the superstar. 

What is Jason Derulo’s age?

Jason Derulo
Jason Derulo | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

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Jason Derulo was born in Florida in 1989. At birth, his name was Jason Joel Desrouleaux, and in later years, Derulo would use a phonetically spelled version of his last name as his stage name. Derulo began studying the arts at an early age, even attending performing arts school and trying his hand at writing some of his own songs before the age of 10. 

It was Derulo’s writing skills that gave him a push into the music industry and as a teenager, he began writing songs for other artists. A few of the performers that he worked with during the early years of his career include Sean Kingston, Birdman, Diddy, Cassie, and Danity Kane.

Derulo also began working on his own performance skills, singing, dancing, and acting in various stage productions. The young man definitely had the work ethic and determination to succeed, and he wouldn’t have to wait much longer until the whole world knew his name. 

How did Jason Derulo become famous?

Not long after winning the 2006 season finale of the television show Showtime at the Apollo, Derulo was signed to a record label. In 2009, he released his debut single, “Whatcha Say.”

It quickly became a number one hit, and for many, it remains his most popular song. The corresponding music video introduced Derulo to an onslaught of fans eager to hear more from the young hitmaker. In March 2010, Derulo released his debut studio album, Jason Derulo. The song “Ridin’ Solo” from the album became Derulo’s next hit.

By this time, Jason Derulo had become a superstar. Over the next several years, he continued releasing songs as well as albums and collaborated with some of music’s biggest entertainers.

For the past several years, Derulo has not been as active in the music industry and even appeared in the epic flop Cats, but rumors persist that he is set to make a grand return to the music business in the months ahead. 

Jason Derulo’s real name is shocking to fans

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Jason Derulo is one of the most eligible bachelors in the entertainment business. In 2011, rumors swirled that Derulo and Jordin Sparks were dating, a rumor which they confirmed in 2012.

For the next several years, the young couple lit up red carpets everywhere, and many fans believed that they would end up getting married. However, they broke up in 2014.

Derulo has been making headlines for a different reason lately, however. Many fans are just discovering his birth name, and they have been blowing up Twitter with their reactions.

Some fans, according to BuzzFeed, could barely believe that he would change his name from the original French spelling, while one poster joked that “my lights started flickering when I tried to pronounce that.”

A few even expressed regret that he would choose to go by Derulo when his given name was “so beautiful.”