What Is ‘The Power of the Dog’ Director Jane Campion’s Net Worth?

Few people have a reputation as renowned and respected as Jane Campion. The New Zealand native is celebrated for her work as a director, screenwriter, and producer. Being one of the first women in the film industry, Campion’s ambitious nature and impressive work over the decades have laid the groundwork for many female forces to follow.

At the moment, everyone is talking about Netflix‘s Western drama The Power of the Dog. Directed by Campion, it’s certainly adding to the 67-year-old’s success and increasing her net worth. 

‘The Power of the Dog’ director Jane Campion’s net worth

Jane Campion, 'The Power of the Dog' director, holds her Critics Choice Award after winning Best Director
The Power of the Dog director Jane Campion | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Champagne Collet&OBC Wines

In 1979, Campion graduated from Sydney College of the Arts. Since then, she’s come a long way. IMDb outlines Campion’s remarkable resume. With 20 directing credits, it is no wonder Campion has become so successful. 

Celebrity Net Worth reports that Campion’s net worth is valued at 10 million dollars. Despite her established wealth, at the age of 67, the powerhouse director doesn’t seem like she’ll retire anytime soon. 

‘The Power of the Dog’

Campion’s fame and success are not secrets. Over the years, she has won awards and the hearts of fans everywhere. At the moment, everyone is talking about her new film, The Power of the Dog

Written and directed by Campion, The Power of the Dog unpacks a complex and compelling story unfolding amongst a community of ranchers in Montana. Set in 1925, the stellar cast and gorgeous cinematography transport audiences to another time. Kirsten Dunst, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Kodi Smit-McPhee are among the talented actors cast in the Netflix film. With 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, The Power of the Dog seems worth the watch.  

Not to mention, fellow respected director Martin Scorsese shared some moving words about Campion. As Scorsese put it, “My admiration has only increased over the years. I wish she would make more pictures, but every one that you do get to make really counts. It’s a precious thing to have an artistic voice as powerful as Jane’s developing over time.”

Director Jane Campion’s other noteworthy work

During the ’80s, Campion’s career really started to take off. The 1989 film Sweetie marked her directing debut on the big screen. 

The Piano, The Portrait of a Lady, and Bright Star are just a few other titles Campion has been recognized for directing. More recently, her fans and followers have gotten to enjoy her work with the TV series Top of the Lake. However, since The Power of the Dog has been released, it’s all anyone is talking about.

Since the film premiered, Campion has already received three Oscar nominations. This tracks for the celebrity, considering she has already racked up a total of 157 awards throughout the course of her career.

Jane Campion’s upcoming projects

Campion‘s passion for film is evident in her seemingly neverending drive. Critics and audiences who are fans of Campion and The Power of the Dog can look forward to her next collaboration. Teaming up with Carol Morley, Campion is listed as a producer for the upcoming film Typist Artist Pirate King

The movie focuses on friendship, endings, reconciliation, and, of course, drama. Monica Dolan, Kelly Macdonald, and Kieran Bew are just a few of the actors who will appear in Typist Artist Pirate King. Though there is no official release date at the time, film buffs look forward to it. 

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