What Is V From BTS’ Favorite Animal?

He’s a talented singer, dancer, and photographer. V is one of the seven members in the award-winning K-pop group, BTS. When he’s not recording, performing, or live streaming, though, fans can probably find him hanging out with his dog, Yeontan. What is V from BTS’ favorite animal? Here’s what we know about this performer. 

V of BTS arrives at the photo call for the 34th Golden Disc Awards
V of BTS arrives at the photocall for the 34th Golden Disc Awards | THE FACT/Imazins via Getty Images

Fans on social media say V’s favorite animal is a lion

This performer loves Panda Express, hates wearing constricting shoes, and loves to share his artistic vision with fans. V is one of the singers in BTS, a K-pop group, along with members Jimin, Jungkook, and Jin.

However, fans are wondering what is V’s favorite animal, even though some think they know the answer. According to Fanpop and a few fans on Quora, V’s favorite animal is a lion.

The artist hasn’t recently commented on his favorite animals, although fans did learn about a few of his favorite artists, movies, and songs off of the BTS album, titled Map of the Soul: 7.

V has a dog, even posting him to social media from time to time 

Even though you may not see V hanging out with lions, he does hang out with his own animals whenever he’s not touring. V even has a few dogs of his own, one of which named Yeontan (nicknamed “Tannie” by the BTS ARMY,) appears on the group’s social media platforms. 

During March 2020, Taehyung shared three new and adorable videos of his dog to the BTS Twitter account. One showed Tannie running alongside his owner. A second clip showed Yeontan hanging out in a doorway as V asked, “what are you gonna do,” according to one translation.

A third video showed Tannie just hanging out on a carpet while music played in the background. Within a matter of hours, each tweet earned over a million likes. However, he wouldn’t be the first member to post videos of their pets, as RM also shows off his dog, Rapmon.  

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RM was surrounded by animals for the ‘On’ music video

Although a number of BTS members love their animals, only a few actually spend time with animals. RM, however, for the “On” music video was surrounded by some real and some fake animals, including a giraffe, an elephant, a zebra, and a (real) alpaca. V didn’t get a chance to spend time on this set, though.

Additionally, unlike other BTS members, V didn’t base his BT21 character on an actual animal. (Fans assume that because RM made his BT21 character a koala-esque animal.) Instead, V made a heart-shaped character named Tata. Music by BTS, including their recently released album Map of the Soul: 7, is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and most major streaming platforms. 

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