Jared Leto Invests in Silicon Valley Startups Like Uber and Spotify to Grow His Net Worth

Jared Leto is a rockstar among actors. His extreme acting chops have earned him both respect and criticism. While most fans can easily name their favorite Leto movies and most popular songs from his 30 Seconds to Mars albums, they might not realize just how successful Leto really is.

Movie buffs might have an idea of Jared Leto’s net worth based on his music and acting careers. But the 50-year-old is also a savvy startup investor with big-name companies like Uber and Spotify. So his net worth is much bigger than you think.

Jared Leto’s fans include the leaders of many thriving Silicon Valley startups

Mike Elizondo accepts award from Jared Leto onstage at Spotify's Inaugural Secret Genius Awards in 2017
Jared Leto presents an award at Spotify’s inaugural Secret Genius Awards in 2017 | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Spotify

When he embarked on his acting career back in 1994’s My So-Called Life, who knew Leto would become a Hollywood icon. Acting came naturally for the Louisiana native, although no one disputes he works hard at perfecting his craft. With critical acclaim for movies like Fight Club (1999), Dallas Buyers Club (2013), and Requiem for a Dream (2000), Leto was clearly destined to be more than a one-hit-wonder.

Leto started a band with his brother, 30 Seconds to Mars, which has also earned its fair share of MTV Awards. With a second creative outlet in addition to his already successful acting career, Leto has managed to grow his wealth over the years. 

The savvy startup investor has 30 portfolio companies listed on his Crunchbase profile. Leto has funded over 50 companies over the last decade, many of which have grown to be successful household names. Some of his most fortuitous investments include Slack, Spotify, Uber, Airbnb, and Reddit. CNBC reports that he’s also started a handful of companies himself, including The Hive, A Sharp Knife, and Adventures in Wonderland. As the Wall Street Journal reports, he serves as an adviser for several startups.

Jared Leto’s net worth and involvement in successful startups

Company leaders are grateful for Leto’s involvement. And Leto shared that after “playing a lot of roles,” he’s learned to develop an independent and entrepreneurial passion that “led me to the tech world.” Leto has quietly honed his investing skills over the years, which is why he’s likely multiplied acting salaries by millions.

According to Wealthy Gorilla, Leto’s estimated net worth is $90 million in total earnings and assets. But other sources say he’s worth $100 million already in 2022. And Leto’s earning potential won’t let up anytime soon.

Leto’s upcoming roles and earnings

More recently, as Vanity Fair reports, fans can see Jared Leto starring in WeCrashed alongside Anne Hathaway. He portrays CEO Adam Neumann of WeWork. Morbius is expected to be an action-packed Marvel installment, too. And Leto is all the talk about bringing out his best Joker in D.C. Comic’s Suicide Squad. He earned just under $7 million for his Joker portrayal in 2016.

Banking salaries that big and continuing to play sold-out stadiums with his band only means Leto has more cash to play with, too. But don’t think he’s only in it for the money. Leto is one of the biggest supporters of several charities and causes.

The 50-year-old proves that he’ll pursue everything with passion and dedication. If Leto is worth $100 million, it’s because he earned every penny.

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