What Kind of Dogs Does Lady Gaga Have?

Lady Gaga is looking for answers. Wednesday, someone shot and critically wounded her dog walker in order to steal her dogs, Koji and Gustav. The singer has since offered a cash reward for their safe return. Now, Gaga’s dogs are all in the news and everyone is on the search for them, but before this, some people didn’t even know that the singer was a dog mom. So, what kind of dogs does Lady Gaga have?

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What happened to Lady Gaga’s dogs?

On Wednesday around 9:40 pm on Sierra Bonita Avenue in Hollywood someone shot at Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer. In the video, obtained by TMZ, Fischer can be seen being approached by two individuals who hop out of a car. One of the people tells Fischer to “give it up.”

Fischer struggles with the men for a bit, saying “Help me” before the gun goes off and Fischer falls to the ground. The attackers then get back in the car with the dogs and leave.

Who is Lady Gaga’s Dog walker?

Fischer has been described as a friend of the family. After walking dogs in New York City, he moved to LA four years ago to walk Gaga’s pets, according to Entertainment Tonight.

“[He was] incredibly close to them,” Dr. Fred Pescatore, a former dog-walking customer of Fischer’s, told the outlet of the dog walker. “Incredibly. I mean, would do anything for them.”

“It’s just heartbreaking and I know he must’ve been absolutely trying to protect them,” Pescatore said. “He would literally lay down his life for any one of our dogs and I certainly hope that that was not the case this time.”

According to Pescatore, Fischer was planning to get out of the dog-walking business before he was shot.

“He was actually really an artist and he was actually leaving,” he said. “He was actually leaving the profession in just a few months. He was wrapping up his gig with Gaga and leaving to go and do his artist thing.”

Fischer’s condition is currently unknown but the 30-year-old is reportedly still recovering in the hospital.

What kind of dogs does Lady Gaga have?

Gaga is currently in Italy, getting ready to film the new movie, Gucci, but a rep confirmed that the stolen dogs were, in fact, her two French bulldogs. Gaga’s third dog, Asia, was able to run away and was rescued by police.

How is Lady Gaga doing now?

Gaga has been distraught over what happened.

“Lady Gaga is beside herself about this situation,” a source told the outlet. “Ryan is not only her dog walker, but also her friend. She is horrified that this happened.” 

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“Her dogs are her babies and she is completely devastated and sickened by this,” the source continued. “She feels somewhat helpless because she is far away in Italy, but is doing everything she can and praying for Ryan, Koji and Gustavo.”

Gaga is currently offering $500,000 for any information on her two pets. If anyone has any information on the wherabouts of the dogs, they can email KojiandGustav@gmail.com.