What Queen Elizabeth Always Carries in Her Purse

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning monarch in British history, a woman who is admired and respected all over the world. Even in her nineties, the queen maintains a rigorous schedule and shows up for work every day.

The queen travels the world, handles her business at home, and acts as a loving mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother to her family. While many people might struggle with this kind of schedule, it seems to be second nature to Queen Elizabeth.

She does; however, rely on some tried and true traditions and routines to help her cope with her incredibly busy life.

Queen Elizabeth II is a creature of habit

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Although Queen Elizabeth II is a very private person and has a habit of not speaking out to the public or press very often, a few of her habits have become known, due to royal staffers and other sources.

For years, the queen has followed essentially the same schedule when it comes to her daily routine, favorite forms of exercise, and diet. Queen Elizabeth II wakes up at the same time every day, around 8:30 am, and has a hearty breakfast of oatmeal before listening to some music and enjoying some tea and a bath before turning her attention to the events of the day. 

When it comes to her dietary choices, the queen prefers to eat mainly vegetables and lean protein, like fish or grilled chicken. She generally avoids starchy foods such as potatoes or pasta but will indulge during special occasions like state dinners or holidays.

When it comes to staying active, Queen Elizabeth believes in staying fit and still goes on horseback rides and walks throughout the palace grounds. There’s no doubt that her healthy lifestyle has contributed to her longevity.

Queen Elizabeth II always carries a specific item in her purse

As part of her routine, whenever she goes anywhere, the queen always carries a handbag. Reportedly, she owns more than two hundred handbags from designers such as Launer. She has a preference for mid-size bags, large enough to carry all the personal items she wishes to bring with her and small enough to not present a heavy burden on her shoulders or back.

Recently, a news report revealed that there is one specific item that Queen Elizabeth always brings with her in her handbag. According to the report, the queen carries a portable handbag hook inside her bag.

Its function is so that no matter where she goes, she can hang up her bag in order to free up her hands. A royal insider revealed that the hook is attached to a suction cup, which can be attached to a flat surface like a table.

What other items does the queen carry in her handbag?

There are some other items that the queen likes to have with her at all times. Surprisingly, most of the items in the monarch’s purse are very normal.

Queen Elizabeth II likes to carry lipstick in her handbag, as well as a small mirror, reading glasses, and mints. Reportedly, she will also bring some doggie treats to have on hand in case she wants to treat one of her prized pets, as well as some crossword puzzles cut out from the paper. 

While the contents of her purse might seem minimal compared to the items in many women’s handbags, the queen is in a rare position because if she needs anything additional, her team of aides can easily provide it for her. Still, it is clear that she likes to remain self-sufficient and keep those few personal items within easy reach at all times.