What Religion Is Patrick Mahomes?

Patrick Mahomes is one of the NFL players of the moment, and at the age of only 24, has achieved incredible recognition in his chosen sport. Mahomes entered the NFL draft in 2017 and after his stellar play in the 2018 season, won an MVP award.

Mahomes is also popular with fans for his down-to-earth demeanor and commitment to charitable endeavors. The young football player is unabashedly proud of his heritage and of his religious faith, which he counts on to get him through some tough days.

Read on to learn about what role religion plays in Patrick Mahomes‘ life and what’s next for the young award-winning quarterback.

How did Patrick Mahomes get started in football?

Patrick Mahomes playing football
Patrick Mahomes | Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes was born in 1995 and raised in Texas. His father, Pat Mahomes, achieved a lot of recognition as a Major League Baseball pitcher, and young Patrick Mahomes grew up surrounded by all types of sports. As a young man, Mahomes got involved in baseball and showed clear natural talent for the game. He also started playing football in high school, focusing his efforts on the quarterback position. 

Mahomes’ skill on the field did not go unnoticed and baseball scouts actively tried to recruit him. Mahomes decided to stick with the sport that he had really fallen in love with, however, and that was football.

As his father later explained, “there was so much for him to learn in football and that’s what he loved.” Mahomes was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2017 NFL draft, and the rest is history. Mahomes showed so much promise on the field that he has quickly become one of the team’s most valuable assets, on and off the field. 

What religion does Patrick Mahomes belong to?

There’s no doubt that Patrick Mahomes achieved a lot of success at a very young age, but all things considered, he seems to have a very good head on his shoulders.

A lot of that can probably be attributed to his Christian faith, which helps him weather the storms of professional football. Mahomes started getting actively involved with his church’s youth group when he was still in middle school, and as his mother has described it, “he got saved.”

Clearly, his days in the youth church group made a huge impression on Patrick Mahomes, for he has no problem sharing religious sentiments on Twitter. 

Mahomes’ mother is as proud of her son for his faith as for his successes on the field. In the same interview, she stated that she wants him to “stay humble” and to always “pray and thank God for his blessings that he has and his abilities.”

Mahomes doesn’t just share his religious viewpoints on Twitter — he practices what he preaches and stays actively involved in doing good for the community. He has even been known to take young children on shopping sprees, spending quality time with them and treating them with new clothes and shoes. 

What’s next for Patrick Mahomes?

As the 2019 football season kicks off, Patrick Mahomes is gearing up for a lot of hard work. There is a lot of expectation riding on his shoulders, but Mahomes shows every indication of being able to deliver. As one of the top NFL MVP players of the season, Mahomes is riding high on high prior successes but committed to putting in the work that it will require to maintain his momentum. 

With the support he receives from his family and the strength he draws from his faith, Patrick Mahomes will be unstoppable in the 2019 season.

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