What Song Did the Jonas Brothers Perform on the Netflix Original Series, ‘Dash and Lily’?

This rom-com is full of music and holiday cheer. There’s even a cameo from the Jonas Brothers in the recently released Netflix original series, Dash & Lily

When one teenager has the idea to leave a notebook in her favorite bookstore, she doesn’t really know who will answer. Lily’s relationship with Dash blooms during the holidays in New York City, consisting of dares and adventures, with all communications being in the notebook. 

The Netflix original series, ‘Dash & Lily,’ takes place in New York City

There’s nothing like New York City around the holidays, especially for two teenagers who love books. This Netflix original series took the main characters (and viewers) across Manhattan, making stops at Grand Central Terminal, the Union Square Holiday Market, and, of course, The Strand Bookstore. 

For one episode, Dash even goes to Hudson Yards to see one boy band spread Christmas cheer with their fans. That’s the Jonas Brothers, (all three of the performers in the band) who had a brief cameo on Dash & Lily.

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The Jonas Brothers performed an original Christmas song at Hudson Yards

One of the most surprising moments was Dash running to a Jonas Brothers concert to speak with his friends there. Turns out, it’s actually the Jonas Brothers and they’re playing Christmas tunes on an outdoor stage at Hudson Yards.

The boy band performed their 2019 original song, “Like It’s Christmas.” However, they performed and released a few Christmas songs since their time with Disney. That includes their 2020 single, “I Need You Christmas.” 

Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers perform at Barclays Center
Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers perform at Barclays Center | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

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Nick Jonas even has a speaking part in this Netflix original series

After finding his friends and telling them about his meeting with Lily, these characters find themselves in a trailer next to the Jonas Brothers’ stage. All of a sudden, they’re joined by one of the award-winning performers.

“You need to go to her, your friends are right,” Nick Jonas said to Dash, after listening to his story. “If you want this girl to give you a second chance, you’ve got to get real. Also, why are you in my trailer?”

Even though he functioned as an executive producer of the series, the cameo was still pretty surprising, even for the characters. One of Dash’s friends, Priya, even tried to make a move on the “Feels like Christmas” singer.

“When I proposed, OK, I had to dig deep. I had to get vulnerable,” Nick Jonas starts to tell the teenagers. Dash then has an idea and runs out of the trailer, leaving the Jonas Brother to mutter, “I wasn’t done with my story, though.”

After a surge of inspiration from Nick Jonas, this character figures out a way to bring holiday magic to the bookstore where it all happened. Dash & Lily is now available to stream on Netflix, while holiday music released by the Jonas Brothers is available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.