What to Know About CIX’s Upcoming Tour

Beginning in late April, the K-pop group CIX will be putting on a North American tour. Jinyoung, BX, Seunghun, Hyunsuk, and Yonghee debuted as CIX with C9 Entertainment in 2019, and CIX 1st Concert REBEL in U.S. is set to be their first tour as a group. Here’s what fans of CIX need to know about the quintet’s upcoming tour.

The members of the K-pop group CIX pose for a promotional photo
CIX | C9 Entertainment

CIX’s North American tour begins on April 27

From April 15 through April 17, CIX put on concerts in Seoul called CIX 1st Concert REBEL in Seoul. CIX’s upcoming U.S. tour is the band’s first-ever tour.

CIX 1st Concert REBEL in U.S. is centered around the K-pop group’s first studio album OK Prologue: Be OK. CIX released OK Prologue: Be OK in August 2021.

The band’s U.S. tour will begin in Los Angeles on April 27 and will end on May 10 in New York City. The full list of tour dates can be viewed below.

CIX 1st Concert REBEL in U.S. tour dates:

  • April 27: Los Angeles, Calif. at The Wiltern
  • April 30: San Francisco, Calif. at The UC Theatre
  • May 2: Atlanta, Ga. at Buckhead Theatre
  • May 5: Dallas, Texas at House of Blues
  • May 7: Chicago, Illinois at The Vic
  • May 10: New York City at Palladium Times Square

Tickets for the band’s CIX 1st Concert REBEL in U.S. tour can be purchased here.

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Getting to know the members of CIX

In K-pop, a group’s leader represents the group and looks out for and encourages the other members. The center is oftentimes picked to be in the center of group formations during dances, photoshoots, and other group activities.

A main vocalist, main rapper, or main dancer will typically have the most parts or the most difficult singing, rapping, or dancing parts in a given song.

Lead vocalists and lead rappers typically receive the second-most lines while lead dancers are oftentimes featured in the front of dance formations.

BX is the leader of CIX and is also considered the group’s main rapper. Jinyoung is a dancer and lead vocalist in the K-pop group. As the center, he can often be seen in the center of CIX’s dance formations.

Seunghun is the main vocalist in CIX. Yonghee is a vocalist, and Hyunsuk is a vocalist, dancer, and lead rapper.

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Fans are ready for the K-pop group’s tour

Tickets for the band’s upcoming CIX 1st Concert REBEL in U.S. tour went on sale in March. Since the tour has been long-awaited, CIX’s fan base FIX are eager for the tour to begin in the coming days.

“AHHHH i’ve been waiting for this tour for almost two years i’m so exited,” one Reddit user wrote.

Another Reddit user wrote, “Same! I stanned since debut and really wanna see them!!!”

One fan wrote on Reddit, “Finally I can put my lightstick to good use!!”

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