‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ Actor Park Min-Young Will Star Alongside Song Kang in a Work-Life Romance

Korean drama fans have a new work-life romance television show to look forward to. In June, JTBC reported they found their entire cast for the new drama Cruel Story of Office Romance. Only minor details about the new K-drama have been released, like its leading actors, supporting cast, and overall synopsis. The drama was scheduled to start filming this summer but will not debut until next year. Veteran actor Park Min-Young stars in the lead role alongside Netflix star Song Kang. Park is well known amongst fans for her other work-life romance K-dramas like What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? and Her Private Life.

Park Min-Young 'Cruel Story of Office Romance' in black dress pushing back her hair
Park Min-Young at ‘Her Private Life’ press conference I JTBC PLUS/Imazins via Getty Images

Park Min-Young is the queen of office romances

The South Korean actor rose to fame when she starred in the historical K-drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal from 2010. Park continued to gain notoriety, starring in City Hunter, Healer, Remember and Queen for Seven Days. She became a fan favorite for work-life romance dramas becasue of her outstanding acting skills, emotions, and passionate scenes.

Park’s most accredited work is the 2018 K-drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? She starred alongside actor Park Seo-Joon. The K-drama became a staple and watched by new and die-hard fans. In 2019, Park starred in another work-life romance titled Her Private Life. She played the role of an art gallery curator and devoted K-pop fan who falls in love with the new director. Her most recent work is in the emotional novel-based romance drama When the Weather Is Fine.

‘Cruel Story of Office Romance’ entails the love stories between colleagues at a weather center

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There is nothing more tempting than a brewing office romance. Cruel Story of Office Romance follows the developing relationship of co-workers at the Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecast service. Park plays the lead role of Jin Ha-Kyung, a diligent and detailed oriented worker who separates her work life from her personal life.

Ha-Kyung comes off as cold-hearted to everyone else and chooses to become an outsider. Song Kang stars alongside Park in the role of Lee Shi-Woo. The character appears clumsy but makes up for it with his superior intelligence and IQ of 150. While everyone sees him for his intellect, Shi-Woo profoundly cares about the weather. There are currently no details about how the romance storyline element unfolds between Ha-Kyung and Shi-Woo.

Actor Yoon Park and Girl’s Day Yura join the cast of ‘Cruel Story of Office Romance’

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Soompi initially reported Cruel Story of Office Romance found its main cast. Song Kang and Park Min-Young are joined by actor Yoon Park. Park is known for the 2021 Netflix K-drama, You Are My Spring. The actor will play the role of Han Ki-Joon in Cruel Story of Office Romance. Ki-Joon is a quick-witted and sharp tongued scouted by the spokesperson’s office. However, as Ki-Joon has been a model student all his life, he does not deal with failure well.

The cast is complete with Girl’s Day idol, Yura. The singer started her acting career in 2010 but gained more recongition in the 2018 drama Radio Romance. Yura will play the lead role of Chae Yoo-Jin. The character dreams of making it big but finds herself stuck in “weather and lifestyle team” as a daily weather reporter. Over time, Yoo-Jin comes to appreciate her role and team. Yura will also appear in the 2021 K-drama, Now, We Are Breaking Up at Hye-Rin.