Wheein Drops New EP ‘WHEE’

On Jan. 16, Wheein released a new EP titled WHEE. The mini-album has six tracks and is Wheein’s second EP, following the release of her 2021 EP Redd. On Jan. 27, Wheein, who rose to fame as a member of the K-pop group Mamamoo, achieved her first music show win as a solo artist with “Make Me Happy,” the lead single from WHEE.

Wheein poses for a promotional photo for her EP 'WHEE'
Wheein | THE L1VE

Wheein released a new EP called ‘WHEE’

Mamamoo debuted under RBW in 2016. The group is made up of four members: Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa. Wheein first debuted as a soloist in 2018 with a single called “Easy.”

She followed this with a single album called Soar in 2019. On April 13, 2021, the singer released her first EP called Redd. While Wheein is a member of Mamamoo under RBW, she signed a solo contract with THE L1VE in 2021.

WHEE marks Wheein’s first solo release under THE L1VE.

The EP has six tracks:

  1. “Make Me Happy”
  2. “Pink Cloud”
  3. “Letter Filled with Light”
  4. “Deserve (Interlude)”
  5. “Pastel”
  6. “Paraglide”

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“Make Me Happy” is the lead single on WHEE, and Wheein released a music video for the single on Jan. 16.

On the EP, Wheein contributed to the making of “Letter Filled with Light” while RAVI of THE L1VE participated in the songwriting on “Make Me Happy,” “Deserve (Interlude),” and “Pastel.”

What K-pop fans think of ‘WHEE’

Following the release of WHEE, K-pop fans shared their thoughts about the EP on social media.

“I said ‘Wow’ out loud while listening to Letter Filled With Light during the layered oohs and ahhs. I’m still listening to the rest of the album but I think this is going to be one of my top albums ever…it’s so lovely,” one Reddit user wrote. “Something I’ve been wanting from a female soloist in forever and Wheein delivered! Thank you, Wheein.”

“It’s really sweet, this is the type of music she really shines, the lyrics are great, the melody amazing, there s a lot of stand outs for me, like pink cloud, make me happy, pastel and paraglide are really my type of songs…,” wrote a fan on Reddit.

“… This is obviously a more laid-back chill album and it excels at what it’s supposed to be. I’ll probably edit this comment when I get more thoughts in after listening to it for a while. Overall, great as always! Wheein never disappoints,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

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Wheein earned her first music show win with ‘Make Me Happy’

M Countdown is a weekly music show on Mnet. Each week, artists perform live, and songs are honored on the M Countdown chart based on sales, music video views, and fan votes.

On the Jan. 27 show of M Countdown, Wheein took home first place for “Make Me Happy,” the lead single from WHEE. This marked the singer’s first music show win as a solo artist.

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