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Wheel of Fortune is one of America’s most famous game shows. Since 1983 viewers have tuned in every night to see Pat Sajak and Vanna White help contestants solve word puzzles. There have been plenty of memorable moments in the show’s 39 seasons. But one moment from the March 1st episode is making headline news.

'Wheel of Fortune' host Vanna White wearing a black dress and standing in front of the puzzle board.
Vanna White I Christopher Willard via Getty Images

‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestants take 10 attempts and two minutes to solve simple puzzle

The March 1st episode of Wheel of Fortune will go down as one in infamy. Solving puzzles appear easy, but it wasn’t for these contestants. The phrase was “Another Feather In Your Cap” and was only missing four letters, including the C and P. While viewers at home instantly guessed it, the contestants were stumped with the answer.

One by one, the contestants Christopher Coleman, Thomas Lipscomb, and Laura Machado took wrong guesses with answers like “another feather in your hat” or “another feather in your lap.” After two minutes and 10 attempts, Lipscomb finally solved the puzzle after calling a “C.”

The two-minute clip immediately went viral and has sparked lots of reactions.

Fan reaction to the failed attempts

Social media was buzzing with the head-scratching Wheel of Fortune moment. On a Reddit thread, fans were in disbelief over the moment. “Holy crap, that was painful!” wrote one viewer.

“That was a train wreck getting worse and worse by the second,” another fan replied.

“I was yelling at the TV; how do you guess it wrong so many times?” asked a commenter.

“That was two whole minutes I won’t get back. A combination of bad letter calls, bad luck, and bad solves (all from different players, no less) made that round MUCH longer than it had ANY right to be. Pat would have been well within his rights to storm off the set.”

Pat Sajak defends the contestants

The contestants faced much ridicule from viewers who still couldn’t believe they couldn’t solve the puzzle. As fans continue to voice their criticism, Sajak has come to the contestants’ defense. Sajak explained the pressure players are under in a Twitter thread and asked fans to stop with the negativity.


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Wheel of Fortune fans applauded Sajak for speaking up. A few former contestants even chimed in with their experience on the show. Lipscomb, a contestant on the infamous episode, replied to Sajak’s tweet. “Pat, I was on the show last night and had so much fun. Thanks for being an awesome person on tv and in person,” he wrote.