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Vanna White has been revealing letters on Wheel of Fortune for more than 38 years. During her tenure, she’s seen plenty of surprises and mistakes. But during one memorable episode, White was the one who fumbled. The elegant co-host was just as calm and collected as usual, so most viewers never even realized what happened. But White says she’ll never forget it. 

Vanna White smiling in front of a 'Wheel of Fortune' letterboard
Vanna White | Christopher Willard/Getty Images

Vanna White and the puzzle board

According to CBS News, White has been a co-host on Wheel of Fortune for almost four decades, and she’s made a big impact, even though she says very little on-screen. She’s such an enduring part of the show that viewers can’t imagine it without her. She even stepped in to lead the show for a few weeks in 2019 when host Pat Sajak had emergency surgery and needed time to recover.

The game has stayed the same all these years, with contestants guessing letters and trying to figure out what the word or phrase is on the puzzle board. However, some details have changed.

When she first took charge of the puzzle board, White had to manually turn blocks to reveal letters. These days, she simply touches the box on the computerized board, making the letter light up automatically. 

Either way, she’s made her job look easy all these years. But it turns out that even White has had her embarrassing moments on screen

The incident of the box

If there’s one thing White is known for, other than revealing letters, it’s her dresses. She’s never worn one more than once, so she’s appeared on screen in over 7,000 looks. People love to see what she’ll wear next. However, one night her elegant dress and the lavishly decorated set combined for an eye-catching look that had nothing to do with fashion. 

Yahoo reports that it happened during a special Christmas episode. The puzzle board was surrounded with seasonal decorations, such as large snowflakes, pine trees, and wrapped gifts.

As she walked past the decorations, White’s flowing skirt snagged on one of those gift boxes. The box was then dragged across the stage behind her. It was so light that White didn’t even notice it. She talked about the funny incident:

“I’m pulling it back and forth as I’m walking, turning letters on the puzzle board. It’s the craziest thing. I didn’t even know it was attached, which was even funnier … I’ll never forget that.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ has a history of interesting bloopers

White doesn’t seem to be very upset about the incident, and with good reason. Her present-dragging event was nothing compared to some of the bloopers contestants have blurted out on the show. 

According to TV Guide, one woman was trying to solve the puzzle “self-portrait,” and for some reason, she guessed “self-potato.” Another contestant somehow decided that instead of the answer being “magic wand” they must be looking for the answer “magic yand,” whatever that may be. 


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Then there was the time a man thought that “A Streetcar Naked Desire” was a plausible answer. During College Week one year, a young man saw “En_o_ the Show” on the puzzle board, and he simply could not come up with the common phrase “Enjoy the Show.”

There seems to be something about the pace and the pressure of Wheel of Fortune that makes people forget things they obviously know. Considering some of the wild guesses contestants have come up with, dragging a gift box around with your dress seems pretty tame. And typical of White, she made it look effortless.