‘When Calls the Heart’ Fans Have Theories About Who Is Secretly Leaving Flowers for Elizabeth

The fight for Elizabeth Thornton’s (Erin Krakow) heart is heating up. Season 7 of When Calls the Heart has seen both Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) and Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) step up their efforts to impress the widowed schoolteacher. And in the March 22 episode of the Hallmark Channel show, titled “An Unexpected Gift, it seems that one of them has sent a secret message to Elizabeth. But who? 

Elizabeth receives a mysterious bouquet of flowers  

Elizabeth smiling
Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thornton in When Calls the Heart “An Unexpected Gift” | ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Dolsen

Elizabeth gets a special surprise in the upcoming episode of WCTH when a secret admirer sends her a bouquet of flowers. “No note,” she says to baby Jack when she picks up the flowers on her doorstep. The whole town is chattering about who is behind the sweet gesture, but Elizabeth suspects that either Nathan or Lucas is the anonymous flower-giver. She’s not alone.

“If this were an investigation, there’d really only be two suspects,” Judge Bill Avery tells Elizabeth in a sneak peek for the episode.

In the clip, Nathan seems to be playing dumb. “Somebody got flowers?” he asks innocently. Lucas has a one-word response: “Interesting.” 

Hearties have theories about the secret admirer’s identity  

Naturally, Hearties have theories about who could be sending flowers to Elizabeth. Most agree with Bill that there are only two main suspects. 

“Kevin our Mountie planted seeds for flowers for spring and could be from his garden,” one fan pointed out in an Instagram comment. “He gets my pick. Where would Lucas get flowers unless he picked them himself?”

But others thought saloon owner Lucas might be the secret admirer. “Nathan doesn’t seem like the type to send flowers,” one argued.  

But a few thought that neither guy was behind the flowers. They suspect that one of Elizabeth’s students left the flowers as a gift, perhaps because they have a crush on her. Others suggested that Elizabeth’s friend Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) could have left the bouquet as “a thank you or a push forward” or that Opal (Ava Grace Cooper) might have left them as a gesture of gratitude after Elizabeth cared for her when she had chickenpox

Group of men in restaurant
Jack Wagner, Paul Greene, Aren Buchholz, Kevin McGarry, Ben Rosenbaum, and Kavan Smith in When Calls the Heart “An Unexpected Gift” | ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Dolsen

So, will one of Elizabeth’s would-be suitors finally make his move in Sunday’s episode, or is Hallmark just teasing us? Hearties will have to tune in to find out. They’ll also get to see what happens when Rosemary and Lee (Kavan Smith) organize Jesse (Aren Buchholz) and Clara’s (Eva Bourne) bachelor and bachelorette parties — which just happen to be taking place in the same space, which is sure to lead to some hilarious moments. 

When Calls the Heart “An Unexpected Gift” airs Sunday, March 22 at 8/7c on Hallmark Channel. 

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