‘When Calls the Heart’ Producer Says Hearties Need to Show Their Support If They Want to See Season 8

When Calls the Heart Season 7 is drawing to a close. The finale episode, “Don’t Go,” airs Sunday, April 26, and fans are certainly hoping that it brings a resolution to some of the recent drama in Hope Valley — especially that long-simmering Elizabeth-Nathan-Lucas love triangle.

Of course, there’s always a chance Hearties will be left hanging when the credits roll on Sunday night. It’s entirely possible that Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) won’t be ready to declare her affections for either Lucas (Chris McNally) or Nathan (Kevin McGarry). After all, she’s only been on one pseudo-date with Lucas, while Nathan can’t seem to muster the courage to ask her out at all (though he did sweetly tell her that she mattered to him in the April 19 episode).

In other words, fans may have to wait until season 8 to see how everything shakes out. But there’s just one problem. When Calls the Heart hasn’t yet been renewed for another season. 

Producer Brian Bird says he’s ‘love to announce season 8’ of ‘When Calls the Heart’   

Nathan, Elizabeth and Lucas
EKevin McGarry, Erin Krakow, and Chris McNally in When Calls the Heart | ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Dolsen

When Calls the Heart has been a ratings winner for Hallmark Channel. The show is consistently one of the most-watched scripted dramas on cable on Sunday nights. But there are no guarantees in the cutthroat world of television, and Hallmark has yet to announce that it’s bringing back the heartwarming frontier drama for another season. 

“We would love to announce Season 8, but we don’t get to [make that] decision,” executive producer Brian Bird tweeted on April 21. He was responding to a fan who wanted to know why WCTH hadn’t been renewed. “This is a message you should be sharing with @hallmarkchannel,” he added. “They are the ones who have to decide and announce the renewal [for] season 8.”

Hearties are tweeting their support for the show 

Surprised Elizabeth in When Calls the Heart
Erin Krakow in When Calls the Heart | ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

When Calls the Heart has a loyal and active fanbase. They saw Bird’s message and have been urging Hallmark to renew their beloved show. Many are tweeting at the network with the hashtag #season8wouldbegreat. 

A number of fans said they were eager to see what’s next for Elizabeth.

“I have to know who Elizabeth chooses and see her start her new life with a new man,” wrote one fan. I would love to see her get married and have another child with her new husband. Then show her able to live a happy life.”

Several also pointed out that the show is a welcome bright spot during this difficult time. They said they would be heartbroken to see it come to an end. 

“#Hearties are trying to be patient, but ya know we’ve got some down time with all the social distancing, so could you please give us something to cheer for?” one tweeted.   

“Our show is so much more than a show. It’s a community and a blessing to our lives,” another commented. “Truly a time of solace in this world.”

The When Calls the Heart Season 7 finale airs Sunday, April 26 at 8/7c on Hallmark Channel.