When Deadpool and Spider-Man Team Up in the MCU: Here’s What Will Happen

Rumor has it that Marvel Studios is planning to drop one or more major Avengers into the Merc With a Mouth’s upcoming standalone installment. Though this will be Deadpool’s third solo outing, it will be his first under Disney’s umbrella, allowing the character to team up with fellow saviors. One of the heroes who keeps popping up as a likely addition, and one who is sure to bring some needed contrast to the Merc’s R-Rated humor and antihero persona: Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

Deadpool and Spider-Man
ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN – ‘Ultimate Deadpool’ | Disney XD via Getty Images) DEADPOOL, SPIDER-MAN

According to We Got This Covered, sources close to the outlet — the same ones who confirmed that Marvel was planning to bring Charlie Cox’s Daredevil into the MCU, which was recently corroborated by Daniel RPK — stated that Spidey, Nick Fury, and/or Sam Wilson’s Captain America may join Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3. 

If Marvel Studios decides to go with a Spidey-Deadpool team-up, the MCU will explore one of the most famous comic book relationships — and one that fans would die to see in live-action on the silver screen. When it comes to Marvel partnerships, Spidey and Deadpool’s dynamic is … complicated, to say the least. 

What to expect from a Spidey and Deadpool team-up in the MCU 

Let’s start with the fact that Deadpool’s costume was designed to mimic Peter Parker’s; place them side-by-side and the similarities in the color palette, the eye region, and the overall stitching style become evident. Considering Deadpool talks to the audience, fans should expect a few self-deprecating jokes to come from this fact. 

While the costumes are similar, Spidey’s is less dark, more inviting, which hints at the fact that one is a hero and the other is an antihero; one is dark and twisted, while the other is light and familial. Their clashing dispositions will likely lead to a great deal of butt-heading and quippy banter, which would make sense given their history. 

Deadpool met the main continuity Spider-Man in the comics in 2006. They immediately got into a fight; Deadpool tried to toss Parker over a bridge while Parker was with a fellow reporter, so their relationship started on rocky grounds.

I’ll be there for you…reluctantly

Though not getting off to the best start, the two go on to develop an unspoken mutual respect in certain comic book tales. Deadpool is always there for Spidey in some stories, yet always with a little resentment, resilience, and dry humor. Though looking at the world differently, the two can appreciate their divergent worldviews, which the MCU would likely capitalize on. 

If the MCU chooses to move forward with this idea, bringing Spider-Man into the third Deadpool movie, fans should expect a love-hate relationship. Fans should expect the two to disagree, fight, and deride one another. They may even have a physical confrontation; however, in MCU fashion, when push comes to shove, they will stand united. 

The Deadpool-Spidey dynamic would be a wise move for the MCU, as it would serve to introduce a unique kind of relationship that Marvel has yet to explore on-screen, and one that shows the gray existing between the black and white of good and evil, right and wrong.