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Hulu‘s rom-com series Maggie premiered in July and quickly became one of the streamer’s hottest summer comedies. Many viewers want to know everything they can about the series, including its filming locations. Here’s a breakdown of where Maggie takes place and where it filmed Season 1. 

David Del Rio, Rebecca Rittenhouse, and Nichole Sakura smile while filming Maggie
Maggie stars David Del Rio, Rebecca Rittenhouse, and Nichole Sakura | Richard Cartwright/ABC via Getty Images

Where was ‘Maggie’ filmed? 

Maggie dropped its first 13-episode season on July 6. The show follows Maggie (Rebecca Rittenhouse), a psychic who can see into people’s futures. But one day, while reading Ben’s (David Del Rio) future, she sees herself as his wife. The vision throws Maggie for a loop and leads her into a complicated love triangle. 

Most of the filming for Maggie was done in California’s Los Angeles County. As reported by The Cinemaholic, production took place in LA’s Fox Studio Lot, West Hollywood’s Quixote Studios, and Malibu’s Calamigos Ranch. Hancock Park also hosted some scenes for filming. 

Where does ‘Maggie’ take place? 

Maggie looks like it was filmed in a hip East Coast city. But the show doesn’t really address exactly where it takes place.

There are moments when the characters discuss the best restaurant options in LA. Considering the series was filmed there, it’s safe to assume the story also takes place there. 

‘Maggie’ was filmed during the pandemic

Maggie was produced and filmed in LA during the pandemic. As revealed by series star Leo Nam, the cast was quarantined into different zones while shooting. While it was a different experience for many actors, Nam suggested it resulted in a camp-like feel on set. 

“Because of COVID, we had to only hang out with our own designated crew, and it was a unique experience because you got to really know your other castmates in a really wonderful way,” he told Screen Rant

Nam said that shooting in LA was fun for many in the cast. They got to film scenes in the studio. And unlike an on-location production, they were in the same place, hanging out together. 

The actor also revealed that the camp-style feel on set added to the cast’s performances. He said that the showrunners had an open and relaxed approach to dialogue. And they often allowed the actors to improvise. 

“So, in LA when we were on this show, it felt a little bit like we were on location or at camp, and it was a wonderful experience, especially working with these creators who were very much open from the beginning with me to ad-libbing and making the show better because as you kind of grow with the character, you’re able to evolve the dialogue accordingly,” Nam explained. 

“So, it was a really fun and joyful experience — it is a funny, quirky, hopeful show,” he added. “We did shoot it through COVID, so it was a very bleak time that everyone had gone through, and this is a positive thing that came out of that, so I really hope that people receive in the positive and hopeful manner that we made it.” 

Will there be a ‘Maggie’ Season 2? 

The season finale of Maggie left the psychic’s story open-ended. So fans are anxious to know if the series will return. 

Unfortunately, Hulu has not announced a Maggie Season 2 renewal yet. But fans should get an update on the show’s fate in the coming months.