Where to Watch ‘Psycho,’ ‘Dial M for Murder’ & Other Alfred Hitchcock Classics

Alfred Hitchcock — the “Master of Suspense” credited for helming some of the most studied films of all time — directed over 50 movies in a career that spanned six decades. He understood the tantalizing tension tied to a twist, the human fascination with fear, and the attraction to the atypical. Thus, his movies questioned the cinematic status quo, challenging the way things were done and leaving audiences stunned at every turn. So, if you’re looking to binge a little Hitchcock, below are some of his must-see works and where they are available for streaming. 

Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) poses with a seagull and a raven perched on either arm in a promotional still for his film, 'The Birds'
Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) poses with a seagull and a raven perched on either arm in a promotional still for his film, ‘The Birds’ | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

1. ‘Psycho’ | $ Youtube, Amazon Prime, AppleTV 

Unfortunately, Psycho is not available for free on the most common platforms. However, you can rent the movie on YouTube, Amazon Prime, or AppleTV+ for 3.99. Psycho contains the famous shower scene in which a knife comes down on a screaming Janet Leigh, playing a woman who stops at Norman Bates’ (Anthony Perkins) motel while on the run from the police. Bates is interested in taxidermy and has a difficult relationship with his mother. Perkins perfectly captures an innocent-appearing man who possesses an intangible unsettling nature. 

2. ‘Dial M for Murder’ | Tubi 

Dial M for Murder is available for free on Tubi. The film is a mystery thriller that follows Tony Wendice (Ray Milland) — a man who yearns to have his wife murdered so he can snag her inheritance. When Wendice discovers that his wife has been having an affair with another man, he concocts a plan to take her out, blackmailing an old acquaintance into doing the dirty work. 

3. ‘The Birds’ | $ YouTube 

The Birds is available on YouTube for $3.99. The movie chronicles the relationship between Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) and Mitch Brenner (Rod Taylor). The two meet at a pet store and Daniels decides to follow Brenner home with a gift — two lovebirds. The pair strike up a passionate romance, and then one day the birds begin attacking guests at a party. The attack spirals into an all-out assault by birds on the townsfolk. The movie is considered one of Hitchcock’s most triumphant horrors. 

4. ‘North by Northwest’ | HBO Max

North by Northwest is available for free with an HBO Max subscription. The movie is one of the most famous spy thrillers of all time and has since been hailed for action sequences that went on to set the standard for the genre. The movie starts with a case of mistaken identity — a spy goes after a man he wrongfully assumes is a government agent – and a cross-country hunt follows suit. 

5. ‘Vertigo’ | $ YouTube

Vertigo is available on YouTube for $3.99. The film follows an ex-police officer who has an extreme fear of heights and is forced to prevent an old friend’s wife from committing suicide. The movie is quite haunting, and cinephiles have gone on to assert that it’s a revelatory dive into Hitchcock’s personal hangups as a man and director. 


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