Where Was Hulu’s ‘Reservation Dogs’ Filmed?

There have been multiple new shows to come out on Hulu in recent months. A while ago, people got to see several episodes of Reservation Dogs. Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi worked on the show, among other projects.  

Currently, there is one season out so far. In the series, the story depicts the life of teens in a rural town in Oklahoma. The setting may appear grounded, and some viewers might wonder where filming took place.  

‘Reservation Dogs’ is about a group of friends

Reservation Dogs first premiered on Hulu in August of this year. The comedy series is notable in how its production team and cast mainly consist of Indigenous Americans. It is a milestone since the industry often overlooks the community. The cast includes Paulina Alexis, Lane Factor, and D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai.

The story takes place in rural Oklahoma, and it follows the lives of four Native teenagers. Their names are Elora Danan, Bear, Willie Jack, and Cheese. The show starts with them stealing a delivery truck in order to sell it. Their goal is to raise enough money to leave their community.

The characters hope to reach California for better lives. They also grapple with the grief of the death of their friend Daniel from a year earlier. Meanwhile, they have to deal with a gang of teens knows as the NDN Mafia. The group of friends learns how to fight to defend themselves.

Bear has a guiding spirit that gives him advice. Viewers also see the teens deal with average teenage activities. For example, Elora makes another attempt to get her driver’s license.

The crew filmed in multiple places in Oklahoma


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Not only do viewers gain the perspective of Native American children, but they also see a part of Oklahoma. According to The Cinemaholic, the production team filmed in various parts of the state. One location was the small town of Okmulgee.

They also shot a few scenes in a salvage yard in Tulsa since the city was close by. Other places the cast and crew went to were Sand Springs, Beggs, and Terlton. Scenes took place in many of the stores and churches across the towns.

One reason why the showrunners used these locations was that they felt natural. The towns help give the perspective of life in a rural area of Oklahoma. They sort of embodied the Midwest. Okmulgee was an appropriate place since it is home to The Muscogee Nation.

“Okmulgee has sort of this Midwest town feel. There was a lot of development, but it’s not like a city, so it feels like a rural town, and it’s close to Tulsa,” co-creator Sterlin Harjo stated in an interview.

Several movies shot scenes in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has proved to be an ideal place to shoot major projects besides Reservation Dogs. Twister starred Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton as storm chasers, and the director used different kinds of practical effects. The crew shot on location in Oklahoma during tornado season.

The Outsiders is an adaptation of the book of the same name. The characters live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the director had everyone go to the city to film the movie. Production lasted for about two months, and it was a bit intense. As a result, the stars formed friendships.

Other popular films shot in Oklahoma are Two-Lane Blacktop and Around the World in Eighty Days. The state may not see a lot of production activity as other places, but it has hosted multiple prominent projects. The location can make the movie or show feel more realistic.