Which Disney Princess Has the Best Skincare Routine? Fans on TikTok Weigh In

One TikTok user thinks he’s cracked the code on the Disney Princesses with the best skincare routine. Some fans have thoughts of their own. Which princess keeps their skin looking flawless? Here’s what Disney fans are saying about characters like Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, and Tiana. 

Fans get a sneak peek into Mulan’s morning routine

Mulan lives a completely different life with her family than when he travels on her own. From the freezing water to the pounds of makeup, fans get their own version of Mulan’s “Get Ready with Me” routine video. That, of course, all changed when she joined the army. 

Fans saw the character just stumble out of bed. Still, she makes time for hygiene. She even risks getting caught to take a bath and wash her face. Even though she’s sometimes dressed like a boy, Mulan makes sure to add self-care to her everyday skincare routine, which is super important. 

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Who's the Nakoma to your Pocahontas?

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Pocahontas would be the kind of princess who only uses natural remedies 

Although we don’t really see Pocahontas getting ready, one TikTok user, @skincarebyhyram, noted that this Disney princess is super into the environment and probably wouldn’t use products that create waste and negatively impact nature. 

Taking that one step further, the user suggests that she probably has a few natural remedies to keep her skin glowing and blemish-free. He says, “she is fiercely anti-product and pro-nature because she’s relying on thousands of years worth of indigenous knowledge of plants for the skin and, honestly, I kind of dig it.”

Aurora from 'Sleeping Beauty'
Aurora from ‘Sleeping Beauty’ | Image by Disney Junior via Getty images

Aurora get a lot of beauty sleep

We know she’s naturally as “pretty as a rose,” thanks to a gift from one of the good fairies, still, Aurora gets plenty of sleep during her movie. That results in clear, flawless skin and even a kiss from Prince Phillip. 

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Let’s shell-abrate Ariel’s world! #EarthMonth

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The Little Mermaid is always underwater

Probably the Disney princess with the most water in her life is The Little Mermaid, who keeps her skin looking smooth by spending so much time underwater. Fans can even see her getting ready alongside her sisters, throwing a flower in her hair after meeting Prince Eric.

Then again, Ariel is getting a lot of advice about human products from Scuttle, who is, notoriously, a confused bird. Using a fork as a comb? Somewhat of a questionable choice for hair care. 

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The princess and the fashion! Which look is your fave?

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Tiana probably has ‘the best skincare routine of all’

Although we don’t exactly know what Tiana does to keep her skin so flawless, Hyram suggests that she’s the kind of person who doesn’t need products that give you an instant result. With hard work and patience, she knows she’ll get perfect skin. (She’s also his favorite princess, so it makes sense.)

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