Which Star of ‘The Office’ Is Taller: John Krasinski or Zach Woods?

NBC’s The Office made a habit of focusing on cast reactions. It usually happened due to the shenanigans of boss, Michael Scott (Steve Carrell). However, when Jim Halpert (John Krasinski), walked over to Pam Beasley’s (Jenna Fischer) desk, it was hard to ignore the actor’s height. Likewise, when Gabe Lewis (Zach Woods) came along, the room felt a little bit smaller. Which star of The Office — Krasinski or Woods — measured tallest?

Zach Woods and John Krasinski have a vertical advantage to the rest of ‘The Office’ crew

The Office
Ray Romano Merv Bronte, Paul Lieberstein as Toby Flenderson, John Krasinski as Jim Halpert, Zach Woods as Gabe Lewis | Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

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It took a while for John Krasinski to land the role of Jim Halpert. But, in the end, he got there. With pre-The Office work as a script intern at Late Night With Conan O’Brien, it was The Office that made Krasinski a household name.

Aside from his character’s comical (and relatable) sidebar reactions, Krasinski’s place in the hit NBC sitcom was clearly as “resident tall guy.” Most shows have one, and at 6’3″ Krasinski filled the spot with ease.

Krasinski’s wife, actress, Emily Blunt, measures 5’7″, putting Krasinski close to a full foot taller than his beloved. Likewise, the adjustment wasn’t much different than all the times he leaned down to kiss The Office co-star, Jenna Fischer, who is 5’6″.

According to IMDb, Zach Woods (who played Gabe Lewis), comes in at 6’4″, making him a full inch taller than Krasinski. In fact, his IMDb bio explicitly states that his “towering height,” while Krasinski’s merely says, “tall frame.”

John Krasinski isn’t the tallest in his family

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It’s one thing to stand inches taller than Blunt, but Krasinski’s height is a regular topic of discussion because he isn’t the tallest person in his family.

Krasinski has two older brothers, Kevin and Paul. Each of which is taller than their little brother, John. Parade stated that one brother is a whopping six inches taller than Krasinski at 6’10” with the other at 6’6″.

The actor is of Polish and Irish descent the outlet reveals, adding, his parents are in the medical field. It’s unclear how tall his father, Ronald, or mother, Mary, are or if the tall gene runs in the family beyond the three Krasinski boys.

Zach Woods compared himself to this Hollywood character

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By the time Woods came onto the set of The Office in 2010, Krasinski had long-since claimed “tallest man.” Woods, however, takes his height with stride.

The actor and comedian can often be found touching on his “Lurch-like” frame in various interviews.

“I don’t think anyone is hiring me because I look like Chris Hemsworth,” he told GQ. “I think if you look like one of these sort of generically hot CW stars, then that can be as limiting as looking like a ghost.”

He added a few he’d been compared to over the years which include Ichabod Crane, the Slender Man, and “Abraham Lincoln in an internment camp.”

All of this to say, Woods gave Krasinski a run for his [tall] money. But, the clear winner is Woods with a full inch of height more to add to his resume.