‘White Chicks’ Never Had a Sequel Because It Was So Grueling to Film 

White Chicks is a beloved cult classic from the 2000s, with many quotable lines and memorable scenes. Many fans still hold out hope for a sequel, but star Marlon Wayans might not be open to returning. While the film was a comedy, the actor said making the movie “almost killed” him.

Marlon Wayans said ‘White Chicks’ filming ‘almost killed us’

In an interview with GQ, Wayans discussed some of his most famous roles, and his character in White Chicks was one of them. The movie follows the story of two black FBI agents who go undercover as white women to investigate a string of socialite kidnappings. 

The transformation into the “white chicks” took hours in the makeup chair. Wayans pointed to the cosmetic routine as one of the main reasons filming the movie was so grueling. 

“That movie almost killed us,” Wayans said, referring to his brother and co-star Shawn Wayans. “Seven hours of makeup. We’d work 14 hours after that. It takes an hour to get the makeup off. Shawn and I would get two hours of sleep for, like, 65 days, or 60 days.”

Other projects the Wayans brothers worked on while filming ‘White Chicks’

All this time in the makeup chair didn’t stop the Wayans brothers from continuing to work on plenty of other projects. 

“We still managed to hang out with our cast, and we still managed to write a series of books and write Thugaboo, which was an animated series,” Wayans explained. “That was hard. It almost killed us.”

Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Damon Wayans and Keenen Ivory Wayans pose for photos at the White Chicks premiere
White Chicks stars Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Damon Wayans, and Keenen Ivory Wayans | Lee Celano/WireImage

Thugaboo, also called The Boo Crew, was a series of animated specials that aired on Nicktoons in 2006. The book series Wayans is referring to is the 101 Ways series. The titles include 101 Ways to Know You’re a Golddigger, 101 Ways to Know It’s Time to Get Out of Your Mama’s House, and 101 Ways to Know You’re Having a Ghetto Christmas.

Will there be a ‘White Chicks’ sequel?

He continued, “Make-up movies, ‘til they learn how to, like, digitally do it, special effects-wise…that’s a lot of work. Everybody’s like, ‘Do a White Chicks 2!’ I’m like, ‘Go f*ck yourself. You do a White Chicks 2. I’m doing black man movies.”

Even though Wayans seems pretty positive that he and his brother won’t be returning for a sequel, there has been a lot of talk about a potential second movie. In 2009, Sony officially announced a sequel, though it was later canceled. 

In 2014, Wayans expressed interest in doing a sequel, and it was confirmed in 2018 that the project was being seriously discussed. In 2019, Terry Crews, who also starred in White Chicks, revealed on an episode of Watch What Happens Live that a sequel was officially in the works. 

However, Wayans later said this information was not official and the movie deal had yet to be confirmed. There hasn’t been any more information regarding a potential sequel, so fans are still holding out hope! 

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