Who Are Black Panther’s Children, and Are They Joining the MCU?

With rumors circling future additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe — and the possibility for a Young Avengers team — questions surrounding T’Challa’s children loom. Will Black Panther’s kids enter the landscape, eventually contributing to the Young Avengers team and defining a new league of heroes down the line? 

Based on recent insider reports, Black Panther’s kids could be joining the MCU. Considering Ororo Munroe may be making her entrance as a primary X-Men character in Black Panther 2, a couple of Avenger-mutants may be in the plans. 

Black Panther
‘Black Panther’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff

Storm may join the MCU in ‘Black Panther 2’ 

According to reports by Marvel and DC insider Mikey Sutton, Storm may be one of the first X-Men to join the MCU in Black Panther 2. Marvel is reportedly eyeing actor/singer-songwriter Janelle Monáe for the part. Monae has previously appeared in Homecoming, Hidden Figures, Antebellum, and more. 

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In the comics, Storm and Black Panther boast quite the whirlwind romance — resulting in a couple of children and ultimately ending in divorce. If the filmic franchise chooses to follow the source material, the two will wind up together in the MCU, likely setting the stage for their children. 

Storm could come to be a primary mutant leader, while Black Panther operates as an Avenger; thus, their children will likely be left to fight in multiple battles — some against the Brotherhood of Mutants, and others against extraterrestrial threats that put Earth in danger. 

Who are Storm and Black Panther’s children? 

Depending on the timeline at hand, Storm and Black Panther have several children. And, considering a complex “multiverse” is coming via Doctor Strange, odd entrances, unpredictable exits, and various, alternate-dimension interpersonal relationships are possible. As ScreenRant explains, T’Challa and Munroe have a bond that “transcends alternate realities.”

As for their children, fans will remember Azari, Sky Panther, Becka Munroe, Sh’ri, and more. Azari has a blend of electrical powers and tactical ability. Sky Panther is likely their child, as she comes to boast both Black Panther’s combat finesse and Storm’s weather manipulation; however, Sky Panther’s exact familial relations and origins remain a bit undetermined. 

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Becka Munroe possesses weather control as well, electrokinesis, a primal physiology providing for superhuman physical abilities. She has superhuman strength and stamina, as well as large canine teeth and retractable talons in place of fingernails, as Marvel.Fandom notes. Sh’ri also boasts superhuman physicality and prowess. 

Depending on how many children Storm and Black Panther have — if the Storm rumors are true — several mutant-Avenger plotlines become possible, leaving the MCU to traverse untravelled territories.