Who Are ‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Kids? How Old Are They?

No matter what kind of television you enjoy, there’s no doubt there’s a Food Network show for everyone. From cooking competitions to home-cooked cuisine, the network offers shows and chef personalities that we all can relate to. And while Ree Drummond, the star of The Pioneer Womanis a relative newcomer to the network, there’s no doubt she already has a seriously strong following

Fans love Ree’s food, of course, but we’re also invested in her life on the ranch. In every episode, we get a glimpse into what it’s like for her as a wife to a cowboy and the mother of four. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about her kids, including their ages.

Todd and Bryce Drummond are Ree’s younger sons

We’ve been watching Ree cook on the ranch since 2011 — and this also means we’ve watched her kids grow up before our eyes. While they were all super young when the show began, they’re growing up fast. And even the youngest of her four kids, Todd and Bryce, are quickly approaching adulthood.

Back in 2014, Ree posted photos of Todd through the years on her personal blog — and it’s tough to believe he’s already 15. As for Bryce, he’s 16, and Tulsa World notes he’s a notable quarterback for his high school’s football team. The publication went on to explain that Bryce attends Pawhuska High School part time while also completing his courses online. It seems like Bryce has big plans ahead of him as he starts to look at higher education, so we’re excited to see where he goes.

Paige Drummond started college more recently

While she was once around the house helping Ree cook for the rest of her family members, Paige is now 18 and off to college, and Ree has posted online about how difficult it was sending her second-oldest away to school at the University of Arkansas. As the mom of four posted to Instagram, “Red nose, trembling chin, tight throat, aching heart. Leaving your child at college is no picnic. I’ve done it once before and thought maybe this time would be a little easier. I think it’s a little harder.”

We’ve also had a look into Paige’s dorm room via Southern Living, and it seems she’s totally transformed her space. It looks like she may have taken a page out of Joanna Gaines’ book, too, as there’s plenty of Southern charm in her styling choices — and we’ve even seen that Paige attended the Gaines’ Silobration.

Ree’s oldest, Alex, is growing up fast

Alex is possibly the most well-known of Ree’s kids, as she’s the oldest at 21 years old. She was also the first of the Drummond children to head off to college, so we heard Ree’s woes about dropping her daughter off at Texas A&M University a few years ago.

Alex seems to be thriving in college, too. She received her Aggie ring, which signifies high honors, and both of her parents were proudly in attendance as she received the ring. Not only that, but she also has a boyfriend she seems to be pretty serious with. While Ree seems totally happy for Alex and where her life is headed, we imagine the Pioneer Woman also doesn’t want her kids to grow up too fast. Before she knows it, she’ll be an empty nester — but we’re sure her children will still come home to some of their favorite treats, like this chocolate cake Paige can’t get enough of.

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