Who Could Play Tony DiNozzo When ‘NCIS’ Finally Becomes a Movie?

Though Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo is no longer in NCIS, he remains one of the most beloved field agents to ever appear in the hit primetime procedural. From his romantically playful arc with Ziva David to the way he teased McGee and his mentor-mentee dynamic with Gibbs, the character was intimately connected to the show’s interweaving narrative arcs. He was likable, but often the subject of an eye-roll. He was brave but could be a bit of a buffoon. 

Agent Tony DiNozzo NCIS
Michael Weatherly as Tony DiNozzo | Jace Downs/CBS via Getty Images

Though news surrounding an NCIS movie remains mostly inexistent — as far as fans know — TV shows of its caliber often see a movie rendition down the line. In the end, it’s the money-making capacity such a movie carries (due to the show’s historical impact) that studios cannot resist. 

From M*A*S*H to the A-Team, shows of NCIS kin tend to wind up on the silver screen. The question is: who could play the one and only Tony DiNozzo (should a movie ever make its way to the theater)? Let’s go through a few people who seem up to the challenge — who boast the look, the vibe, and the acting portfolio to align with such a portrayal. 

1. Jake Gyllenhaal 

Jake Gyllenhaal has vast experience in the two genres needed to take on DiNozzo — the action movie and the romantic comedy. From Love & Other Drugs and Accidental Love to Source Code, The Prince of Persia, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and Nightcrawler, he can easily climb into a crime-fighting savior with a weak spot for a pretty woman. Not to mention, Gyllenhaal carries that combination of ruggedness and cuteness that works in DiNozzo’s favor. 

2. Ryan Reynolds  

Who could better deliver all of Tony DiNozzo’s quick-tongued remarks and wise-guy responses than Ryan Reynolds — the man behind the Merc With a Mouth? Reynolds would give Weatherly a run for his money in this department. When it comes to Weatherly’s knack for joking on the job, Reynolds would have that character quality down pat before filming even began. 

3. Michael Ealy 

Michael Ealy has vast experience in both rom-coms and the mystery genre. From Think Like a Man and About Last Night to The Intruder, The Perfect Guy, and Jacob’s Ladder, Ealy could match the humor with the slight degree of mystery DiNozzo retains — albeit such a trait tends to be a bit feigned in NCIS. Ealy could conquer the character’s more somber and sober moments, while still resorting to humor when discomfort arises. 

4. Jude Law 

Who better to take on a detective-esque role than the man who plays Dr. Watson across from Robert Downey Jr. in the Sherlock Homles franchise? Jude Law’s side smirk is enough to make anyone swoon — as it carries both a sense of innocence and mischief — which would work for a cinematic DiNozzo. Jude Law could easily play a DiNozzo who is a bit of a trickster, and he would be ideal for the moments of arrogance that Gibbs often dismisses.