Who Designed Kamala Harris’ Inauguration Day Outfit?

Kamala Harris is officially the Vice President of the United States, after swearing-in at the inauguration ceremony on January 20th. While the new administration gets to work on the next steps, many Americans are still talking about the events of the inauguration — and in particular, the incredible fashion that was on display.

Performers like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry made waves on inauguration day, but surprisingly, it was the politicians who had the biggest fashion moments. Harris especially stole the spotlight in a bold purple outfit created by a noted American designer. 

Kamala Harris is sworn in as U.S. Vice President by U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice.
Kamala Harris is sworn in as U.S. Vice President by U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

The fashion at Joe Biden’s inauguration made headlines

For many Americans, the inauguration ceremony on January 20th was the culmination of many months of political turmoil. A new page was turned in the chapter of the United States as thousands tuned in live to watch the ceremony.

Stars like Garth Brooks and Jennifer Lopez sang for the crowd, while former presidents and other politicians mingled. A tradition that is full of pomp and circumstance, it was made slightly more entertaining due to the fact that most of the high-profile women at the inauguration rocked some seriously stellar fashion.

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People like Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, the new First Lady, were seen wearing bold colors and sleek designs, impressing everyone who thought that they would be in for an afternoon full of boring evening wear. Harris also made a strong fashion statement, stepping out in a purple dress that is unlike anything she’s worn before. 

Kamala Harris has a distinct style

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Harris has been in politics for a long time and has given years of her life to public service. She served as the attorney general of California from 2011 to 2017 and as United States Senator from California from 2017 until 2021. Harris made history in 2020 by joining Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, running alongside him as his pick for vice president — and again in 2021, when she was officially sworn into office.

While Harris has become well known for her no-nonsense approach to dealing with issues, her fashion choices have also made headlines on occasion. Harris is a noted fan of casual footwear and sleek pantsuits, and in particular, she loves Converse brand sneakers.

She often opts for the Chuck Taylor All Star style, and even pairs the more casual sneaker with her expensive suits from time to time. Still, when it came time for inauguration day, Harris pulled out all the stops. 

What designer did Kamala Harris wear at the inauguration?

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The new second gentleman, Doug Emhoff, Harris’ husband, wore a classic Ralph Lauren suit at the inauguration. Harris, however, opted for a stunningly bright purple coat and dress by the young American designer Christopher John Rogers.

As reported by Vanity Fair, purple is a color that traditionally represents bipartisanship, which is a theme that ran all throughout inauguration day. Rogers is a designer who is relatively new to the fashion scene but has been making serious waves over the past few months.

The young designer previously revealed to Vanity Fair that, “the people who initially reached out to me for interviews and pulled my stuff and actually used it were Black women. Black women understood why I didn’t shy away from color.”

Also present in Harris’ inauguration day look were her signature pearls, and a snazzy pair of Sergio Hudson heels — no Converse to be seen anywhere that day.