Who Has More Billboard No. 1 Hits: Cyndi Lauper or Blondie?

Cyndi Lauper — The uncontested “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” rocker with a contagious, high-energy vibe — offers a distinct sound alternating between new wave, rock, and pop. Debbie Harry is Blondie’s lead singer with a new wave, punk rock soundtrack perfect for belting along to down the highway with the rooftop down. One Way or Another, Harry has found her way into listeners’ hearts and continues to own the radio. Yet, do does Lauper. So, who has more Billboard number one hits? 

Cyndi Lauper and Debbie Harry of Blondie
Cyndi Lauper and Debbie Harry of Blondie | Mark Mainz/Getty Images

Cyndi Lauper has 2 Billboard No. 1 Hits 

Cyndi Lauper has recorded two Billboard No. 1 hits: “True Colors” and “Time After Time.” “Time After Time” peaked at number one on June 9 in 1984, while “True Colors” peaked at number one on October 25 in 1986. Both “True Colors” and “Time After Time” remained on the charts for 20 full weeks. Both of these hits remain Lauper’s most memorable, yet she also snagged a handful of top 10 hits in her prime. 

Cyndi Lauper has recorded 8 top 10 hits, including “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” “All Through the Night,” “She Bop,” “Change of Heart,” “The Goonies R’ Good Enough,” and more. 14 Lauper songs made it into the top 100. Despite Lauper’s success, and recognition from the Grammys, VMAs, and Tony Awards, she has yet to snag a spot in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. 

Lauper has contributed drastically to multiple genres, influencing other artists, and making a stand for sociopolitical causes, but the Hall of Fame has yet to honor her contributions to the industry (unlike one of her contemporaries, Blondie). While Blondie has more number one hits, she has recorded less top 10 numbers. 

Blondie has 4 Billboard No. 1 Hits 

Who doesn’t know at least a few words to “Call Me” and “Heart of Glass,” both of which peaked at number one on the Billboard charts? “Call Me” peaked in April 1980, while “Heart of Glass” peaked in the same month in 1979. “Call Me” spent 25 weeks on the charts, while “Heart of Glass” made it 21 weeks. Blondie’s other number one hits include “Rapture” and “The Tide Is High.”


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Though Blondie managed to snag two more number one hits than Cyndi Lauper, Lauper has several more songs in the top 10. Blondie has recorded four top 10 tens — all of which are the number one hits previously mentioned. The well-known “One Way or Another” peaked at number 24, while “Dreaming’ peaked at number 27. 

Both Blondie and Cyndi Lauper are talented forces to be reckoned with — Debbie Harry is quite the talent all by herself, yet her bandmates elevate her sound to a new level. Both of these ladies of the ‘80s bring fans to their feet, and their fans are still swaying their heads and strumming their air guitars to this day.