Who is Adam Driver’s Wife, Joanne Tucker?

Adam Driver
Adam Driver in ‘The Report’ | Vice Media

While most celebrity couples celebrate their love for all the world to see and frequently blast social media with the details of their relationship, there are those who prefer to keep their private lives truly private. One such couple is Adam Driver, the actor best known for playing Kylo Ren in the Star Wars series, and his wife, fellow thespian Joanne Tucker. 

How did Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker meet?

Long before Adam Driver rose to fame on the HBO show Girls and then on Star Wars, he served in the United States Marine Corps. He suffered a mountain biking accident prior to getting deployed overseas and was medically discharged. Feeling a bit at loose ends, Driver enrolled in the famous Juilliard School for drama. According to Driver’s accounts of his time at school, he enjoyed the classes but realized that many of the other students found him intimidating and intense. One student that Driver got along with exceptionally well was Joanne Tucker, a beautiful blonde who shared Driver’s interests in acting and the theater arts.

Driver and Tucker started dating while in school, though the exact date of their relationship anniversary has not been disclosed. Driver has stated that Tucker not only helped him to adjust to life outside of the military but that she helped teach him about certain refinements, including fancy cheese and “how not to spit on the sidewalk.” The two have been together ever since and tied the knot in 2013, in a private ceremony. A few years ago, they expanded their family by adopting a rescue dog, whom Driver named “Moose.” The couple reportedly lives in New York, in the Brooklyn Heights area. 

What does Joanne Tucker do?

Like her husband, Joanne Tucker is an actor and a Juilliard graduate. Her film credits include roles in independent films like Gayby and Loft, and she also made a cameo appearance in Girls, alongside her husband. Tucker, who is 35 years old, has also proclaimed her love for theater work. She also co-founded Adam Driver’s nonprofit organization ‘Arts in the Armed Forces,’ which produces great works of American theater for primarily military audiences. 

Tucker currently serves as the Artistic Director of ‘Arts in the Armed Forces,’ and that seems to occupy a good portion of her time. Reportedly, she and Driver have collaborated on another major project as well. Rumors surfaced recently that Driver and Tucker welcomed a baby some time ago, and that they have chosen to keep the baby well away from the prying eyes of the public. The rumors remain unconfirmed by the couple, but if they are true, their “secret” child is a boy, and close to two years of age. 

A very private couple

Along with her husband, Joanne Tucker has chosen to mostly avoid social media. Neither of them has public Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook accounts. Adam Driver has been very vocal in his dislike of social media, and it seems as though his wife shares his opinion. However, they occasionally pop up on the Arts in the Armed Forces social media accounts, as is it a passion project for them both. In addition, Joanne Tucker frequently accompanies Driver to various red carpets, including the 2019 Golden Globes, where he was nominated as Best Supporting Actor for his work in BlackkKlansman

With so many big films on the horizon for Adam Driver (including the latest installment of Star Wars, due in December 2019), and as his star continues to rise, it will be interesting to watch how Joanne Tucker’s evolves as well. She has the talent, looks, and calm demeanor that will help this red-hot celebrity couple to navigate the difficult parts of fame with relative ease.