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Chance the Rapper may be famous for his music, but lately, it’s been his love for his family that is getting all the attention.

The hip-hop star recently married his long-time girlfriend and made another big announcement about their family just a few days later. As we learn more about this couple, we can’t help but awe at their relationship.

Chance the Rapper is married to former model Kirsten Corley

Earlier this year, Chance the Rapper married long-time girlfriend Kirsten Corley in a star-studded wedding in Newport Beach, California. The wedding took place at the Resort at Pelican Hill on March 9. The couple was already legally married, having wed in a civil ceremony in December 2018.

Witnesses say that the wedding was full of love and laughter. Several celebrities attended the event including Dave Chappelle, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West. One guest said that Kim and Kanye both appeared very happy for their friend, stating, “They both never stopped smiling.”

The couple has a rocky past

The couple began dating in 2013. In 2015, the pair welcomed a baby girl, Kensli Bennett. But things began to deteriorate a few short months later.

Corley filed paperwork asking to be appointed the child’s soul caretaker and petitioning the court for child support. The pair were on and off for a while but finally got back together for good in 2017.

Chance shared probably the sweetest story ever about how the couple met

Lots of people have a cute story about how they met the love of their life. But Chance the Rapper made every man feel they had to work a little bit harder when he shared the story of how he and his wife of a few months met.

In a recent Twitter post, the hip hop star told fans that the two met while he was attending one of his mother’s office parties when he was just nine years old. He was sitting in the back (probably on a Gameboy and eating candy, as he recounts) when three young girls came out singing Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Women”. Chance’s dad nudged his son to get up and dance, but the rapper said he knew it wasn’t the time. It wasn’t his party, it wasn’t his spotlight, and one of those girls, that was the girl he was going to marry. The time wasn’t right and he didn’t “wanna jump the gun.”

The rapper showers his wife with love and praise

It’s easy to see just how much Chance the Rapper loves his wife. His Instagram and Twitter feeds are covered in pictures of his family and words of love from the rapper. In addition to the heartfelt story of how the couple met, Chance the Rapper has never been shy about talking about his love for his wife.

On Crowley’s birthday, the rapper wrote, “From the beginning beginning to the end end. You are my oldest and best friend. You are responsible for everyone of the most wonderful things in my life. I’m forever grateful that God made me find you, and even more grateful that you made me find God. Forever and ever babe. Happy Birthday,” In another post, he kept it simple with, “We stay turnt up. We love hard.”

The couple is expecting their second child this fall

Just one week after the couple wed in front of friends and family, Chance the Rapper announced that they were expecting number two. In an Instagram post he wrote, “We pregnant again. It’s a girl. Jesus Christ. We love you God.” The rapper captioned the post, “New baby droppin in September.”