Who is ‘Chicago Fire’ Actress Annie Ilonzeh?

Chicago Fire enjoys a great deal of support from fans who not only follow each storyline the writers dream up but are also strong supporters of the show’s actors. Many fans were surprised to learn that one of the show’s actresses, Annie Ilonzeh, isn’t the newcomer they thought, but actually a very seasoned, highly respected actor.

Annie Ilonzeh as Emily Foster smiling standing next to an ambulance on 'Chicago Fire'
Annie Ilonzeh as Emily Foster | Parrish Lewis/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Annie Ilonzeh and Chicago Fire

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Annie Ilonzeh was first introduced to Chicago Fire fans when her character, Emily Foster appeared in the season seven premiere, and she didn’t face a smooth ride. Her backstory quickly revealed that Foster was green as a paramedic, with a mere three-months of experience before she’d jumped into her newest job. During her forty-two episode run, she also dealt with the fallout from having cheated on her board exams when she was working at becoming a doctor.

Who is Annie Ilonzeh

Emily Foster was nowhere near Annie Illonzeh’s first role — the actress learned her way around a television set along time ago. Her acting credits include spending a few years on General Hospital, co-starring with Jennifer Garner in Peppermint, and several episodes on Arrow. Each time she appears on camera, Ilonzeh always delivers a strong performance.

Ilonzeh’s personal life is nearly as interesting as her screen performances. The lovely actress is mixed-race; her father is Nigerian and her mother’s ancestors came from England and Poland. Ilonzeh was born in Texas where she attended Colleyville Heritage High School. After graduating, she made her on-screen debut on the wildly popular How I Met Your Mother. She played Becky.

Ilonzeh loves working out and staying fit. She frequently posts videos of her workouts on social media and helps inspire others to get in shape. She favors workouts that incorporate yoga, cardio, and hiking.

Ilonzeh was last known to be dating Shaquille O’Neal after the pair were spotted hand-in-hand in 2019. At this point, it’s unclear if the two are still together or if they’ve parted ways.

Annie Ilonzeh’s future

Fans of Emily Foster won’t get to see the paramedic during the upcoming season of Chicago Fire. The character decided that being a paramedic simply wasn’t enough for her and will return to medical school and become a doctor. The current stance is that the show doesn’t plan on bringing Ilonzeh back to reprise the role of Emily Foster, people who adore the character shouldn’t give up hope. As long as the show doesn’t kill off Foster, there is always a chance that she could come back as a guest star.

No official statement has been released that addresses whether the show simply decided it was time for Emily Foster to move on, or if Ilonzeh decided she wanted to leave. Many fans are crossing their fingers and hoping that Ilonzeh’s character appears on the sister show, Chicago Med. Not only will the character fit in with the current cast of characters but it would also provide an opportunity for fans to finally learn more about Foster.

It’s unclear what Ilonzeh’s future holds. She hadn’t made any big announcement about exciting upcoming roles but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything in the works. One thing is for sure, as soon as Ilonzeh once again appears in a show or movie, many Chicago Fire fans are sure to tune in just so that they have a chance to see her once again.