Who is Elizabeth Olsen’s Fiancé Robbie Arnett and How Did They Meet?

Elizabeth Olsen is quietly increasing her star power due to her prominent role in Marvel’s TV and movie universe. As Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, Olsen is set to appear in her own television series and in the upcoming Doctor Strange film.

With all this attention on her career, there is also a spotlight on her love life. Last summer, Olsen and her beau, Robbie Arnett, became engaged. Although Olsen is incredibly private about her relationship, there is interest in how the pair met and in Arnett. So, what is known about him?

Robbie Arnett and Elizabeth Olsen
Robbie Arnett and Elizabeth Olsen | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images for The Rape Foundation

Arnett and Olsen met on vacation

According to E!, the couple met while each was vacationing in Mexico. Both were in the country around the same time in February 2017, presumably in the town of San José del Cabo, which is considered one of the hotspots for celebrities who travel there.

A month later, they were photographed holding hands while walking down the street and in September 2017, Olsen and Arnett made their debut at an Emmys event.

Arnett is a musician

A California native, Arnett was born in 1992. He graduated from the University of California, Irvine, and it was during those years that he met his bandmates. He and some friends formed the group Milo Greene, and Arnett plays instruments as well as lends his vocals.

According to All Music, things took off for the band in 2012 when they dropped their debut album Milo Greene. They’ve since released two other projects – Control and Adult Contemporary – and have provided music for films (Fun Size) and TV shows such as Arrow and Supernatural.

He’s a movie buff

A quick visit to Arnett’s Instagram shows he has a love for cinema, with a special affinity for classics. His account is filled with movie posters for films such as Delirious, It Takes Two, King of New York, and Vampire in Brooklyn. Of course, there’s also a poster for his girlfriend’s film, Sorry For Your Loss.

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Olsen was engaged before Arnett

Though she is deeply in love with Arnett, prior to this relationship, Olsen was engaged to actor Boyd Holbrook. They met on the set of a film, dated for three years, and were engaged by 2014.

Following their split, she jokingly told Refinery29 that people were always romantically linking her to one of her co-stars, including Tom Hiddleston and Chris Evans. “Well, apparently, I’m dating Chris Evans, and apparently, I’ve dated Jeremy Renner, so I guess that… I don’t react to it.”

They’re fans of each other’s work

During a visit to Sway in the Morning in 2017, Olsen plugged her then-boyfriend’s band on the show. “My boyfriend’s in a band called Milo Greene. I really like ‘em, and I like him.”

She slid it in during the interview and joked about how it’s important to like someone’s work before you fall for them.

As mentioned, Arnett is down to show love for Olsen’s films by shouting her out and posting promotional images for them on social media. For the most part, they are a quiet, media-shy couple, so fans shouldn’t be surprised if the two have a low-key wedding.