Who is MSNBC Anchor Katy Tur’s Husband?

There are many popular TV news anchors at work today, many of whom have become more famous than the personalities that they report on. A few of these newly-famous anchors include Chris Cuomo, Brooke Baldwin, and Tucker Carlson. Often times, viewers will tune in to their programs as much to hear their own personal takes on political issues as much as for their reporting on current events. One such anchor is Katy Tur, an author and broadcast journalist who has been involved in several major political controversies. 

Katy Tur and Tony Dokoupil smiling at the camera in front of a window
Katy Tur and Tony Dokoupil | Paul Morigi/Getty Images

When was Katy Tur born?

Katy Tur was born in California in 1983. Raised by journalists Zoey Tur and Marika Gerrard, Katy Tur was introduced early to the world of politics and journalism. After graduating from the University of California in 2005, Tur decided to pursue a career in journalism, just like her parents. She began reporting for local news stations around her home state of California and even worked for a time as a storm chaser.

In 2009, Tur moved to New York City and began working for NBC. It was around this time that Tur’s career really kicked into overdrive, and she covered many high-profile news stories. Her personal life also made headlines as well, and her romance with political commentator Keith Olbermann was widely scrutinized. Still, Tur preferred to keep the focus on her reporting, and over the years, she received acclaim for her fearless approach and unfiltered way that she tackled difficult topics. 

What is Katy Tur best known for?

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In 2016, Katy Tur became known to millions of viewers when she was made the embedded reporter for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. In her capacity as a reporter for NBC, Tur was often the go-between for the Trump campaign and the media, not always to positive effect. In fact, Trump’s campaign called out Tur on several occasions, with Trump himself singling out the reporter.

Tur later opened up about her experience with the Donald Trump campaign in a series of op-eds and in late 2017, she wrote a book titled Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History. In spite of the negative press that she has received as a result of reporting on the Trump presidential campaign, Tur is generally well-liked by viewers, and her peers have consistently praised her. In a 2017 profile piece in The New York Times, her boss, Andrew Lack, stated that Tur is “tough, edgy, and operates with one guiding mission: Chase the facts. And you can’t rattle her. No matter what’s thrown at her, she stays focused, digs in and gets answers.”

Is Katy Tur married?

In addition to her career on television and in broadcast media, Katy Tur has a happy home life. She married her longtime boyfriend, Tony Dokoupil, a fellow journalist, in October 2017. Dokoupil is best known to viewers as the host of CBS This Morning, a popular morning news show. He has also written a number of pieces for publications such as Newsweek and The Daily Beast.

Tur and Dokoupil welcomed their son, Teddy, in early 2019. Tur is also a stepmother to Dokoupil’s two children from a previous relationship. These days, Tur continues to further her career by appearing on television news programs. She is also very active on social media and regularly speaks out on behalf of various social justice causes. With as much as she has achieved already, at the young age of thirty-six, it seems likely that she will continue to make waves in the world of broadcast journalism.