Who is Oakland Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr’s Wife, Heather Neel?

If you’re a fan of NFL quarterback Derek Carr or watched Hard Knocks featuring the Oakland Raiders then you’ve seen the signal caller’s wife, Heather Neel Carr. She not only spoke in the HBO documentary but can also be seen on her husband’s Instagram from time to time.

Here’s more about the athlete’s family and the woman who has been his rock for years including how she made him turn his life around and the health issues their oldest child endured.

Derek Carr and his wife, Heather Neel
Derek Carr and his wife, Heather Neel Carr| John Shearer/WireImage

The couple met when Neel was his waitress in college

Neel was born and grew up in Northern, California. She attended Fresno Christian High School where she was a cheerleader. After graduation, she enrolled in Fresno State.

While in college Neel began waiting tables at a restaurant called BJ’s Brewhouse as a way to make some extra money and that’s when she met Carr.

“I had like diamond earrings in my ear and I had them both, I knew I did. And he said, ‘Why are you only wearing one earring?’ And it made me check my ears,” Neel recalled during an interview with ABC7. “And I was like, ‘that’s your pick up line?’ It did work.”

It sure did because after that they started dating.

Neel got Carr to change his party boy ways

Carr also attended Fresno where he was a star quarterback but something he was into that Neel was not was partying.

Neel is a devout Christian and something Carr told her he was as well, however, his party boy ways made her see him in a different light. So she decided to write him a letter expressing her concerns and letting him know that they couldn’t stay together if he continued down that path.

“Heather actually wrote me a letter and she said, ‘You’re not the person that I thought you were,’” Carr told the Los Angeles Times, adding, “I read that and I remember I stood up in front of my teammates and I told them, ‘Hey, I’ve been telling you I’m a Christian and I’ve been living the party life and all that. And that’s dead wrong.’ And that’s kind of when I got my thing right.”

The pair tied the knot on July 10, 2012.

How many children they have and their oldest son’s health issues

These days Neel and Carr are parents to three children.

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They welcomed their first child, Dallas Carr, in 2013. He was born with a medical condition and had to undergo multiple surgeries when he was an infant.

“He was born with intestinal malrotation, and so what that means is his intestines were all tangled up and nothing was passing through,” Carr explained. “And he was born eight days early, so the doctors told us if he was born on time, we would have gave birth and he wouldn’t have lived. So when they found out, what would happen is he would throw up like six feet, so he was throwing up everywhere and so they rushed him to surgery.”

Carr added that Dallas had a total of three surgeries. He fully recovered and is healthy today.

The couple’s second child, Deker Luke Carr, came into the world on March 16, 2016. Three years later, Carr announced the birth of their third son, Deakon Carr, on social media in May 2019.

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