‘Who Killed Sara?’: 3 Details That Left Some Viewers Confused

For those who stuck with Who Killed Sara? in its entirety without giving up, there are at least one dozen questions that need to be answered. While the most obvious lies in the Netflix series’ title, there are also some confusing plot points that left fans scratching their heads.

Its core set of characters are wrapped up in an intricate mystery thriller, and even more players were introduced by the end of season 1. It’s been two weeks since Who Killed Sara? dropped on the streamer, and social media users are still discussing a handful of factors that left them puzzled.  

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Who Killed Sara? Season 1]

'Who Killed Sara' Season 1 scene
‘Who Killed Sara?’ with Andres Baida as young Rodolfo, Ximena Lamadrid as Sara, Leo Delugio as young Alex, and Polo Morin as young Jose Maria | Netflix

Is Sara really dead?

There are a few viewers who completed all 10 episodes of season 1 but are perplexed over whether Sara is actually dead. Why? Between Elroy’s flashback that revealed he was too scared to cut the parachute and the skull discovery, the plot is a little jumbled for some.

It is assumed that the skull Alex found in the final episode is that of Sara’s father. Someone was choking her on the ground and César was pointing a gun. He shot someone, and it may have been her father. But some viewers think it’s Sara’s skull that Alex dug up.

Sara’s diary entries — written in Spanish — show that she was concerned about being “crazy” like “him.” A preview for season 2 follows Alex as he visits her therapist to dive into her mental state.

Further, Elroy couldn’t go through with sabotaging the parachute, so who did? Did Sara do it to fake her own death? Some believe she’s still alive as they didn’t see her body get buried.

That diary holds a few clues but will probably connect the dots between all of Sara’s relationships, including those with her father, Rodolfo, César, Chema, and Marifer.

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How is Alex so crafty with technology?

This plot detail is funny but worth mentioning. A number of viewers are curious about how Alex learned to hack while incarcerated. By their deduction, he entered prison in 2003 before smart phone technology took off.

Alex spoke about diving into the dark web while locked up, but there are questions about his adeptness and access to tech tools during his 18 years away from modern life. Perhaps there will be more answers about this, Flor’s father, and his financial sponsor in season 2.

Was Marifer really at the lake the day Sara died?

Episode 10 added a twist with revealing that Marifer has been sending those anonymous messages as Diana the Huntress. This led some fans to harken back to episode 3 when she said she was there at the lake that fateful day.

In her texts, “Diana” sent video clips to Alex; one was on the boat with Sara getting strapped into the harness, and the other was him at the courthouse. In episode 3, Marifer/Diana indicated she knew Rodolfo didn’t tamper with the parachute because she was there.

This is mildly confusing because later in the series, a distraught Marifer phoned Sara for help in a flashback, but Sara ditched her to go to the lake with the Lazcanos. Marifer cursed her out for it. So, did she show up on her own accord and spy or did she join the whole group later?

Some of these odd details may make sense by season 2. Watch the second part of Who Killed Sara? on May 19 on Netflix.