‘Who Killed Sara?’ Interview: Alejandro Nones on Season 2 and Rodolfo’s Pain

Who Killed Sara? (¿Quién Mató a Sara?) Season 2 arrives on Netflix on May 19, reactivating fans’ detective chops and maybe resolving Sara’s murder.

The Spanish-language series has been a hit on the streamer, and everyone wants to know who killed this young lady. Was it Mariana Lazcano? Marifer? Chema? Sergio? Or Sara herself? It’s a complicated tale and this next batch of episodes promises more twists.

Who Killed Sara? star Alejandro Nones recently spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about his role as Rodolfo Lazcano, fan reactions to the series, and what viewers can expect in season 2 of the mystery.

Alejandro Nones of ‘Who Killled Sara?’ attends Vive Netflix 2017 in Mexico City, Mexico
Alejandro Nones of ‘Who Killled Sara?’ attends Vive Netflix 2017 at Museo Casa de la Bola on August 2, 2017 in Mexico City, Mexico | Victor Chavez/Getty Images

Alejandro Nones is overwhelmed by people’s response to ‘Who Killed Sara?’

After the initial statistics rolled in for Who Killed Sara?, Netflix revealed that it’s the most popular non-English series ever. More than 55 million households streamed it during its first month, and the cast and crew of the show are humbled by the reaction. Nones explained that he didn’t anticipate this level of popularity.

“I was not expecting anything like this. Of course, during shooting, I thought, ‘I’m doing something special. I’m doing something very important for my career. Yeah, we’re doing something amazing.’ But not to the world,” he said.

Nones shared that typically, Spanish-language projects catch on with Spanish speakers, but the international reception in countries like the U.S., Germany, India, and Greece floors him.

“Actually, I’m still overwhelmed by all this as I was not expecting it, and I’m very happy about it,” he said.

He acknowledges Netflix had the vision for the series, which is why they dubbed it in other languages, but Nones also credits viewers. “At the end of the day, the people are the ones that talk. Thank God it was well-received.”

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Nones was intrigued by the script and Rodolfo Lazcano’s character

Who Killed Sara? screenwriter José Ignacio “Chascas” Valenzuela centers much of the story on Alex Guzman’s quest for vindication and vengeance. But each member of the Lazcano clan has their own secrets, motives, and sense of morality — or amorality. Something about this script and Rodolfo’s experience spoke to Nones.

“I love the story. I love the way Chascas Valenzuela keeps you thinking the whole time. ‘Is it this guy? No. Of course, it’s her!’ The whole time you’re guessing who the person is who killed Sara,” he said.  

Nones shared that when he assumed the role onscreen, he knew Rodolfo carried a lot of turmoil from a young age. He explained that when we first meet Rodolfo, he’s strong and sort of a nerd, but underneath, he’s dead and suffering inside.

As an actor, he was excited to play him. As a viewer, something else clicked about his character.

“I loved Rodolfo because I found he’s a very tense character. And he’s very sad. It makes me feel like, ‘Oh my God. Poor guy.’ I want to hug this guy,” said Nones.

He also found a tender side in Rodolfo too, which is something he discovered when he watched the show as a viewer. “While shooting, I was just living with what happened to Rodolfo, and when I watched the show, I had that feeling.”

‘Who Killed Sara?’ Season 2 will see a different Rodolfo

According to Nones, the series’ second season will birth a new version of Rodolfo after all the drama with his wife, father, and the casino. “He’s going to be 100% a different guy. I don’t know if it’s going to be in a good way or a bad way, but what I can tell you is Rodolfo is going to change a lot,” he said.

Nones added that he believes at some point, Rodolfo will take ownership of his life. He’s been operating by the family’s rules for way too long. Fans will have to wait and see how that affects Alex’s mission.

And Nones believes that season 2 is better than season 1. “You’re going to love the second season,” he said, and described it as amazing.

What he wouldn’t tell us is whether everyone will finally find out who killed Sara. Even Nones’ family and friends have to tune in on May 19 to learn the truth.