‘Who Killed Sara?’: The Likely Suspects After That Season Finale

With too many suspects to count, Who Killed Sara? asks a straightforward question in its title. Season 1 of the Netflix crime thriller left so many loose ends that it didn’t really narrow down the list of suspects. Or did it?

One had to pay close attention to Alex’s discoveries, the flashbacks, and each character’s behaviors to try and piece together the narrative. Sara was loved but no angel, and she became a liability/enemy for a few people.

By the end of episode 10, the killer’s identity wasn’t so obvious. Heading into season 2, here are some viable guesses on who did it.

'Who Killed Sara?' Season 1
‘Who Killed Sara?’ with Alejandro Nones as Rodolfo, Manolo Cardofa as ALEX, Carolina Miranda as Elisa, and Eugenio Siller as Jose Maria | Netflix


Do not underestimate Jose Maria — aka Chema — because he’s the black sheep of the Lazcano family. Sure, has a caring husband and he wants to be a doting dad. But as a teen, he had no problem wrapping his hands around Sara’s throat.

Remember when she taunted him about liking her brother and called him a slur? Not only does Chema have a temper but he’s sneaky (he destroyed those tapes and he’s a peeping Tom) and willing to go to extreme lengths to keep a secret. What if something else transpired between him and Sara at the lake and he just snapped?

His mother clearly intended to harm Sara which is why she instructed Elroy to tell her kids they couldn’t go parasailing. When Elroy failed, maybe Chema grabbed his own knife and did the deed.

However, he obviously is capable of feeling guilty about the things he does, so if he is the killer, it is likely he’ll eventually crack.

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Clearly, Sergio is a detestable person. Besides being a human trafficker who tortures women and girls for sport, he’s manipulative and lacks empathy. He’s downright scary. If Alex was smart, he would not trust him to help bury César.

He too had a motive to kill Sara and isn’t afraid to take someone out. She found out about his snuff films and could expose his entire dirty operation which would affect César too.


What if the Diana the Huntress angle is all a ploy to toy with Alex? The diary that was hidden in the wall alludes to a revelation that Marifer may be Sara’s sister. Perhaps they share the same father?

The two girls weren’t getting along before Sara died and in a flashback scene, Marifer made a frantic phone call to Sara asking for help. Sara chose to blow her off for the lake trip with the Lazcanos — something that enraged Marifer. And viewers don’t know the root of their discord.

But Marifer wasn’t a stranger to Alex or Chema either, as they had that whole threesome situation going on. Maybe there is more to this tangled web with this character and all the things she knows, including what happened to Nicandro.

There is a segment of viewers who believe Sara faked her death or was saved in a secret scenario that will be revealed later. If that’s the case, it will be a huge twist that leads to more questions. Stream season 2 of Who Killed Sara? on Netflix on May 19.