Who Plays Mantis in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and How Will the Character Fit Into Future MCU Installments?

Mantis, more powerful than she lets on — and able to keep Thanos, the man who destroyed Cap’s shield, suppressed for an extended amount of time in Avengers: Infinity War — quickly became a fan-favorite from Guardians of the Galaxy. Appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, Mantis’ empathic abilities made for some comic relief and bits of drama; however, her ability to silence the mind would come in handy the most. 

MCU Guardians of the Galaxy Pom Klementieff
MCU star Pom Klementieff | Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Mantis is portrayed by Pom Klementieff in the MCU, and if you can’t pronounce her last name, you are not alone. While likely most recognized for her star-making turn in the Avengers saga, Klementieff has also appeared in Oldboy, Ingrid Goes West, Hacker’s Game, Wolf, and more. 

Many of Klementieff’s other films never reached the broader audience that the MCU has grown accustomed to targeting. Marvel, boasting a global fanbase anticipating every move, must find actors capable of satisfying the comic book enthusiasts abound, as well as the everyday viewers. Klementieff proved a wise choice.

Following her appearances in GOTG and Infinity War, Klementieff found her way into viewers’ hearts. While she was one to disappear with Thanos’ snap in the final moments of the penultimate film, she is now alive, once again. So, will she appear in future Marvel installments? 

What is Mantis’ future in the MCU? 

According to CNET, Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn, told a fan on Twitter that Pom Klementieff would be back to reprise her role in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3. As of now, fans understand that the events witnessed in the upcoming Guardians movie will occur after the fallout of Avengers: Endgame, but, how far after? 

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, we watched Spidey, his family, and his friends battle with the damage the snap — and all those years apart — caused. However, based on the MCU’s plans for Phase 4, it’s likely that, moving forward, this will cease to be an explored plot point. Arguably, using Tom Holland’s Parker — the one who boasted such an intimate relationship with Tony — to tie up the loose ends from Endgame made the most sense. 

So, what will happen in Guardians of the Galaxy 3, and will Mantis have a role outside the installment? Will she be a part of Marvel’s plans for other Phase 4 projects, as well as the eventual Phase 5 and Phase 6 mash-ups that fans spanning the globe are all anticipating?

Given that Marvel has plans to keep pushing out Disney+ series, will they plan a show for the relationship between Mantis and Drax? Seems like a superhero-themed dramatic comedy; it may not have the same pull as WandaVision, but if the MCU builds it up enough, it could work. 

Mantis has become a major character, offering powers beyond what many initially believed she would bring to the table; thus, moving forward, she may prove to be an asset to the future Avengers team (at least, we can hope so).